April 08, 2016

How to Get Interviewed by Professional Bloggers

Blogger interviews are the best way to gain popularity and build strong blogging relationships. But  how to get interviewed by professional  bloggers? Here today I am going to share what pro bloggers think and suggest when it comes to get interviewed by Professional Bloggers.

How to Get Interviewed by Professional Bloggers : eAskme
How to Get Interviewed by Professional Bloggers : eAskme
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How to get interviewed by bloggers (Jonny Pean)


The best way is to be in touch with these bloggers. Show them that you are an active member of their wide readership. You are not going to make it as someone getting interviewed by professional bloggers unless and until you prove yourself as a successful brand. However, the question is how exactly do you "brand" yourself? I strongly feel that you can no longer assert your digital authority just by being the omnipotent influencer out there. You also need to be the one who is willingly and positively influenced by others. This will take you back to the first line of my answer. If you want to brave the next phase of social loyalty then you got to be on both sides of this phenomenon- both as the one who has loyal followers and a loyalist yourself..

My approach ( David Leonhardt)

Generally, a professional blogger will take the same approach as a journalists would.  He or she will seek to interview people who have done something notable.  What have you done that is notable in your field?  If nothing, then you know what your first step is.

Meanwhile, it doesn't hurt to start commenting on the pro blogger's blog and interacting with him or her on social media.  That way you will be a known quantity, not just some stranger, by the time you are ready to pitch.

Finally, when you are ready, make the pitch.  Explain to the pro blogger what you have done, how successful it has been (or has not been p that can be important, too) and the lessons you have learned.  Explain how this will be useful to the bloggers' readers.

BIG CAVEAT: Make sure to find out first if the blogger in question actually does interviews.  If not, whether the blogger at least covers case studies or reports on interesting experiments or news from people in your field.

Or, you could do it the easy way...just sign up for an account on MyBlogU.

In my epic post on the health risks for writers and bloggers I referenced several people.  Some of these got in because I knew of them and their situations.  Others were found through MyBlogU.  In this case, there was no pitch, because I was looking for stories to include in my post.  And that is the benefit of being a known quantity to a pro blogger, even if you have nothing to pitch.

Get on the interviewers' radar (Doyan)

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Mr Nice Guy (Philip Turner)

Be helpful and never ask for anything in return. Most people will want to repay the favor and if you have to ask then it's never going to get returned anyway.

I wrote an article on that! (Ann Smarty)

Hope these tips will be helpful! https://smartblogger.com/expert-interviews/

Do share you tips and if you also run blogging interviews, do let me know.

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