August 24, 2020

7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships

Are you finding ingenious ways to build links?

The most ingenious way to is to use relationships to build links.

But How?

Nowadays, building quality links is not link building; it is more like relationship building.

Today you should focus on creating long-term and loyal relationships with SEO experts in your niche.

Each new relationship is equal to a new backlink. Moreover, you will get not only one link; you can get a bunch of quality backlinks as the proof of longstanding relationships.

Link building has got a bad reputation because most of the people are doing inadequate outreach.

Today it doesn’t work to reach out bloggers out of the blue and promote content, as people are dissatisfied with these types of requests.

If you want to get a standout success with bloggers, you should be personal and unique with this resource.

Try showing them that you would like to provide something valuable and exciting for the target audience.

Why is it essential to create relationships?
  1. It is a cost-effective and beneficial way for you and your client.

  2. It has long-term cooperation.

  3. Relationship building means creating quality links.

  4. You can avoid Google penalties and keep abreast of shifting market dynamics.

How to build up quality relationships:

Be open-minded and honest with bloggers and journalists.

Visit offline and online events as it can give you much of a priority to meet someone precious.

Don’t imitate others and create something different and unique that can stand out of the pack.

Build up longstanding relationships that can go further, not just for one link.

Now let’s examine seven useful tactics that can lead the relationship building to quality backlinks, sales, leads, likes, and more.

Relationships always make your life easier and forever in comparison with outreach that is just for tomorrow.

Take participation in events and surveys. Events and surveys are great ways to face link prospects. Introducing yourself in the SEO world is welcomed for building relationships.

Try researching any events in your industry and seeing if there will be any experts. You should try to connect with experts only.

Make sure that most of the people who visit these events have the first touch via the network, primarily.

Try not to be concerned with the aim of building links instead of making good impressions and have useful connections.

When you present your business, try to take into consideration the personal interests of people and their work like getting contact info, business card, or their website.

7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships: eAskme
7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships: eAskme
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There are a lot of different opportunities to reach out to people for a response. You should know that a Twitter search is a goldmine of relationship-building possibilities.

You don’t need to be famous to make this way work as anyone can do it on Twitter.

You can also do an inside job.

Look into your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn contacts in search of user names and companies to be introduced to.

Possibly some names and organizations can share the same ideas, and they can ask for brief information about you.

Make sure that you have all motives in having a business deal, an interview, or another way you can make their day.

Create industry-specific interviews

Probably, you have seen a bunch of field interviews where many famous experts share their ideas about some topics.

Each of them has their blogs, contact information, and social media accounts that you can use to engage with them.

As you know, bloggers are busy and selective about interviews, and if you want to catch their attention, you should do everything right.

What you need to do is to present your interview as unique:

  • Show them that you have an audience that experts can be interested in;

  • Ask them about something new and useful for them;

  • Try to explain a controversial stand on a topic that they know well.
To find people that are worth interviewing in your niche, you should do that manually via the search.
There are no useful tools that can do that job as a human.

You can use this search string: industry “interview with” “interview”+ “your keyword” “interview” + “your niche” or similar ones.

7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships : eAskme
The best way to contact experts is to do that socially.

As I’ve already mentioned, they are swamped and don’t have enough time to read emails crammed with texts.

But if you decide to write a nice email, try to follow these recommendations:

  • Write a personalized email. Start the email using an expert’s name like “Hi, Mike!” or “Hello, Miranda!”

  • Be concise and create the subject and the primary message clear and easy to understand;

  • Try to mention your site in short, just some stats to emphasize your success;

  • To make a good impression on experts, you can include links to some examples to help them get a general idea of what you are going to do.
If your content is excellent, you will get high chances to attract more quality traffic and high-quality links from influencers.

And you shouldn’t worry about sharing the content in social networks manually, as happy readers will watch out for it.

Use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

Social media is one more awesome place to meet industry-specific influencers.

It is easier to connect people and build meaningful relationships that will help you get a win in the long run.

Make sure that the purpose of this game is where you are going to be, but not where you are now. This is how you should build links and make sales.

I love social media for the point that influencers always like engaging with their target audience and have a real-time conversation.

I am using FollowerWonk to monitor content and find top influencers in your field.

Twitter lists can be another right place to meet experts and bloggers that you can start engaging with.

7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships : eAskme

Google Plus was also an excellent place to get in touch with industry shifts and dynamics. (Update: Google Plus is dead)

It is less packed than Twitter, but you have an excellent chance to show up.

You just need to find an expert you want to connect, add him to your circles, and leave a comment.

7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships : eAskme

Search for mentions

I always hear from SEO professionals that monitoring competitors links is the best way to find new link prospects and build links.

Searching for mentions of your brand, company, or product can be the next step to get quality links.

You can use a Google search and find out any mentions that can be a straightforward process to contact whoever you want to create a relationship and ask whether it is possible to change the mention to a link.

If you have no time to search for site mentions manually, you can just use Mention for brand tracking and finding influencers.

Write guest posts on authority websites and blogs.

You must agree with me that a high-quality guest post is one of the most effective ways to get a link and build a healthy relationship.

It is a win-win situation.

You get a link, and the blogger receives quality content.

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There are lots of guest blogging communities you can visit. MyBlogGuest is an excellent place to face new bloggers and experts, find guest posting possibilities, and learn useful things from others in your field.

Instead of sending posts on low-quality websites, try finding authority websites in your industry, choose a few ones, and build long-term relationships by publishing posts regularly.

It will help you boost your visibility as a credible guest author, get free exposure and clients, and get SEO value for your site.

Before sending guest requests, read carefully guest post guidelines on websites.

If you don’t know whether the site owner accepts guest articles, you can view all articles in the past using the search queries: “guest post,” “post written by,” “guest author.”

7 Ingenious Ways to Build Links Through Relationships : eAskme

As soon as your guest post gets to live, share the content via social networks and react to all comments and feedbacks to your content in the real-time mode that will have a good impact on good relationships with your readers and editors.

Build relationships from emailing

Regarding my experience; you can build many relationships from emailing and make a direct connection with influencers and bloggers.

The goal of the email is to get to learn who this guy is. And I think there is no better way to do that, then sending the email.

You send the blogger an email to let them know that you like this work.

People are always amazed and flattered when someone appreciates their work. Using this strategy, you can boost the response rate from emailing prospects.

I guess you have already seen the example of the email template from Brian Dean on how to promote your blog post.

Hi [Webmaster],

I’m Irina Weber, a content marketer here in London, UK. I want to give you a heads up of my recent post on my blog – “10 Drastic Ways to Convert Blog Traffic Into Sales.”

It’s a compilation of the ten principles of conversion optimization, and I also listed down several actionable ways for webmasters.

It received good feedbacks, including a share from Moz’s Google+ Page.

If you want to check that out, you can visit this link – http:/

I hope that you are enjoying your weekend, [Webmaster]

Kindest regards,

When you present your prospects as a friend, not like a competitor, you can meet the potential link building partners and provide the value first.

Get the most out of previous relationships.

If you get any relationships in the past and for some reason they are broken up, it will be high time to explore them before starting a new relationship.

This should happen naturally!

Just make up the list of all previous relationships and try to review the overall website history.

If you fully get your website, you can lead your link building campaign to more creative links.

With tools like SE Ranking and Ahrefs, you can detect the backlinks and where they are getting from. New Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is what you need.

Notice that these tools are not free, but they are essential for your effective link building campaign.

As soon as you find the links leading to your site, check out whether they are pointing to optimal pages.

Make sure that links don’t have 404 errors, out of date pages, don’t lead to wrong pages and old products.

This sort of cleanup activities can have a massive impact on your links and build strong relationships.


If you start a new blog site or manage a link building campaign, healthy relationships with bloggers and SEO experts are one of the most effective ways to get quality links, more social media engagement, and improve website visibility in general.

If you know some other ways how to create good relationships with influencers, please, share your ideas in the comment below.