June 07, 2016

7 Crucial Blog Mistakes to Avoid

Bloggers are everywhere! You type any term in Google’s search box and you get tons of blog articles that cover it. Some of them are great, but most of the results won’t be worthy of your attention. Have you ever wondered why there are more bad blogs than good ones? Most online writers make common mistakes that repel readers from their sites. Let’s reveal the 7 crucial mistakes a blogger should avoid. 
7 Crucial Blog Mistakes to Avoid : eAskme
7 Crucial Blog Mistakes to Avoid : eAskme
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1.      Writing too much in a single post
You have a really elaborate topic to cover, so you decide to write a 3000-word post that serves all details at once? It doesn’t matter how intellectual your target audience is, no one will stay focused throughout the entire post. If you have such a topic, it would be best to cover it in a series of posts that you’ll feature under a separate category on the blog.
2.      Failure to focus on the niche
Let’s say your niche is electronic devices, and you cover it very successfully. You develop a connection with your readers, so you think they might be interested in your opinions about politics, social order, and personal values? They are not! Your regular visitors come because they want to find more information about the things that interest them. Don’t step away from your initial focus.
3.      Going overboard with the SEO strategy
It’s no secret that keywords make you attractive for Google. Not using keywords is a mistake on its own. You should use them, but the secret to success is in the right dose. Do not try to include as many keywords as possible; that’s called spamming and the search engine will punish you for such mistake.
Use up to 5 keywords and phrases in a single post, and choose the ones that rank high in your niche. You need to make them look effortless, so you readers won’t even notice your attempts to attract them through Google.
4.      Failure to post high-quality content according to schedule
Every serious blogger needs to stick to a posting schedule. For example, Monday and Thursday can be your publishing days, and your readers will expect those posts on the precise dates. If you can’t keep up with the promise you made, you might be tempted to publish brief, unedited posts just to meet the deadlines. That’s a huge mistake. You should not skip the dates, but you should never publish for the sake of stuffing your blog with posts.
If you can’t come up with great content by the deadline, you can delegate parts of your work to people who can research, write, or/and edit the post for you. You can choose the best professional writers reading writing servicesreviews to publish pieces of higher quality.
5.      Avoiding social media
Everyone understands the importance of social media promotion, so it’s strange to realize that many bloggers are failing to make the needed effort. They simply post links to their new posts without any attempt to engage the readers in a productive discussion. The main purpose of social media is connection. Ask questions, answer to the comments, and interact with your audience as much as possible. That’s how you attract more readers and make them feel welcomed at your site.
In the ideal situations, you want people to share your content via social media. To achieve such success, you need to create ‘shareable’ posts that include visual content (infographics, cool images, memes, videos, or presentations).
6.      Not paying attention to titles
Some bloggers write awesome content, but the unattractive titles don’t do it justice. The headline is the first thing that draws attention to your blog. You need to make it provocative and attractive. Of course, you should avoid those sensational clickbaits like She opened a can of Pepsi and this happened… such tricks are no longer effective.
The headline should grasp the essence of the post, but it should also leave space for wondering what it’s all about. The headline is important, but so are the subtitles. They keep the reader focused and relaxed, so make sure to separate the chunks of content with relevant, attractive headings. Don’t forget to include the main keyword in the title and subtitles.
7.      Lack of call to action
So you managed to get your reader to the end of your post? Congratulations. Now what? What is he supposed to do after reading your wisdom? You should include a clear call to action in the conclusion of your content. Invite your readers to implement the tips you provided, purchase the products you recommended, or simply comment under your post.

Blogging Is Competitive. If You Want Success, You Need to Shine!

Try searching Google for blogs from the niche you cover. You’ll end up with hundreds of results. What makes you better than the influentials in the industry? If you avoid the 7 mistakes listed above, you might reach the top of your target audience’s reading list.