September 11, 2016

Maximum Allowed Adsense Ad Units in a single page

By Sona Mathews
If you are an eAskme readers from long time, then you may already knew that till now Google was allowing only 3 Adsense ad units in a single web page. But as time changes, things changes. With the recent changes, Google has cleared that now you can ad more than 3 ad units per page.

Now let`s see how you can do it.

Maximum Allowed Adsense Ad Units in a single page : eAskme
Maximum Allowed Adsense Ad Units in a single page : eAskme
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I do not remind you again that Google Adsense is the kind of highly paying ad networks.

Adsense is always very strict to their ad serving policies and if they find any violation of TOS then they will permanently disable your adsense account.

So it is really important for you to follow Google Adsense TOS to avoid Adsense ban.

Whenever a blogger decides to apply Adsense on his blog, the very common question which every single blogger ask is:

What is the maximum number of Allowed Adsense ad units per web page?

If you are a blogger then you probably already knows that Google Adsense offers various type of ads in 3 formats:
  1. Google Adsense Content Ad Unit
  2. Google Adsense Link Unit
  3. Google Adsense for Search
Note : Adsense video ad units is not available.

Now let`s see the maximum adsense ad units you can use for a webpage.

Adsense Content Ad Unit

Earlier only premium Adsense partners were able to use more than 3 ad units per web page. But now Google Adsense has made it clear that every adsense user can use more than 3 ad units per webpage.

Now Google Adsense Allows you to place unlimited number of adsense ads on a web page

Remember : Ads should not exceed the content at any cost. Always maintain the quality of your blog.

List of available Adsense Content Units:

  •     728*90
  •     468*60
  •     234*60
  •     125*125
  •     120*600
  •     160*600
  •     180*150
  •     120*240
  •     200*200
  •     250*250
  •     300*250
  •     336*280
I recommend 720*90, 336*280, 160*600 and 300*600 as most effective ad units. You can even use these ads on multiple publisher ids.

Adsense ad units helps you make more when places above the fold and blended with the theme of your blog.

You can even use them in navbar.

Not only content ads but even you can use unlimited link ad units on a page,but make sure it never exceeds the content.

Check the various Adsense ad units.

Adsense Link Ad Units:

If you want to make good money with adsense link ad units then you need to blend them with the theme of your blog and you can even place them above the fold.

You can use unlimited link units but never exceed the content.

Check different sizes of Adsense link units here.

AdSense For Search

If you have a big website like where people need to search to find answers then Adsense for search can be helpful to generate good revenue.
How many AdSense ads can you put on a page?

Now you know that Google has lifted the AD limit restrictions. But it should never exceed the content.

AdSense has already said:

    “We may limit or disable ad serving on pages with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made.” 

I always recommend to keep the ads number below 6.

Always consider the following things when increasing number of ads:

  1.     less ads can perform better.
  2.     Above the fold ads are always best.
  3.     image + text ads always perform better.
Do share how many Adsense ad units you are using on your blog? Which ad unit perform better for you?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.