September 17, 2016

GetResponse – The Ideal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

By Sona Mathews
It is a well aware fact that any good business can do well and produce awesome results through promotion and branding. The cut-throat competition in today’s world has made it really difficult for the companies to establish their authority in the market. A well-renowned company can easily improve its brand value through high-cost advertisements, but how Start-ups & SMBs can scale up? GetResponse is the effective tool to eye at if a business wants to scale through marketing.

GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses : eAskme
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses : eAskme
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GetResponse – The Introduction

Serving from a powerful online marketing platform to one of the best email marketing tools, GetResponse has thoroughly impressed its clientele offering plethora of services. It has been years since the start of the company. With each passing day, the company has seen growth having over 350,000 customers added to its clientele. The excellent range of features is impressive and handy for the companies that wish to scale up their business to next level.

Impressive Features of GetResponse Tool

It is the must-have tool for every marketer looking to scale up the company’s business and make it reach to the next level. Here are some of the most impressive features of this tool.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is one of the newly included features in the GetResponse tool.This feature is the true game changer. Now, one can easily automate and organize the marketing workflow in just few steps. You only need to rearrange the blocks and the tool will look after everything.

GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses : eAskme

It might be really difficult for you to reach the marketing the goals, but this feature added to GetResponse will help your business attain a new level by simply automating the marketing objectives.
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

 A new drag & drop interface has been added to make the creation of workflows easier than ever. You can easily create even a complex marketing campaign using this powerful tool. The website trackers, purchase trackers, address cart abandoners has made the eCommerce much easier.

Email Marketing

GetResponse gain its authority in the marketing by acting as one of the best email marketing tool earlier and the tool now has much more for the customers. Email marketing is the best means to generate sales and engage the customers with your business for a longer period of time.  It provides over 600 responsive email templates that can be edited through WYSIWYG editor as per your comfort.
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

 SpamCop, its own spam checking tool can find out the spam words in your newsletters and suggests the desired changes. You can even track the accuracy of your email campaign by integrating your Google Analytics account with it.

Landing Page Builder

An eye-catching landing page can bring a number of interactions and user engagements. GetResponse lets you to design awesome landing pages in just no time. Over 100+ landing page templates are available to design an impressive landing page. The changes made to the page can be easily done through drag & drop feature. The A/B testing feature lets you to check out how viewers are reacting to different versions of same landing page. You can set the best landing page according to viewer’s response.
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

AutoResponder 2.0

Autoresponder2.0 helps you to greet the subscriber with a welcome note. The text for the welcome note can be altered as per your need. If any new subscriber joins your mailing list then he/she will be welcomed by a greeting text sent buAutoresponder 2.0.
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

Webinar Tool

A number of meetings and conferences have taken a form of online webinar. The companies are looking to save time and money by organizing online webinars. GetResponse offers the webinar tool that comes handy in case of any meeting that is possible online. You are also allowed to customize the webinar URL and can protect it with the password too so that only selected invitees can join the meeting.
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

 GetResponse allows you to record the webinar (the recording is limited to 2 hours) and share it on social media. A webinar can be scheduled easily within 3 minutes without any complexity.

GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

Why a Business should go withGetResponse?

With a plethora of features, GetResponse has made marketing better than before. Marketing Automation has come up like a revolutionary feature and people are enjoying the ease of use offered by this tool. Here are some of the best reasons why you should go with this awesome tool.

•    Simplicity: People usually love the tools that are seamlessly user-friendly. GetResponse is a stunning user-friendly tool that is really very easy to use. The learning center, video tutorials, and FAQs have made the things much easier to understand. You can easily navigate through the dashboard at a go.
GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

•    Price List: GetResponse don’t only provide plethora of features, but it provides them at an impressive price too. Its flexible plans start from as low as $15 and goes as high as $799 with improvement in the list of features. Pricing is one of the factors that attract most of its customers.

GetResponse – TheIdeal Online Marketing Platform for the Businesses

 •    All in One Tool:You may find a range of tools available on the internet for promotion & branding purposes, but GetResponse is the only tool that has more features than any other tool at an effective price. The features like auto-responder, landing page creator, email marketing tool, webinar tool, spam checker tool, and many more are packed in just a single tool. GetResponse is capable enough to carry out the largest marketing campaigns with ease.

Why GetResponse is a principle tool for SMEs?

GetResponse is suited for all kinds of businesses of any size, but small & medium sized businesses can make most out of this thrilling tool. The features like email marketing tool and landing page creator are impactful enough to attract thousands of customers to your business. Marketing automation, the new feature added to this tool can help your staff to focus more towards development of product rather than wasting time on the things that can be done automatically.

The Conclusion

The GetResponse is the only supreme tool in the market crowded with enormous range of impactful features. It is a fully-fledged online marketing solution for SMEs which has plans according to different budgets. One can definitely scale up his/her company after going for this tool.

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