SEO Secrets Every Business Should Know

Hidden behind the mysterious acronym of SEO, the Search Engine Optimization appears to most people a kind of occult science, an unstable and unpredictable matter you have to unravel the secrets in order to handle it. Is this true? Is really SEO based on some kind of magic, or its deepest secret is that there are no secrets at all? Substantially SEO is a series of rules, tricks and strategies that affect the online visibility of your business. Understanding how this process works is the only secret you have to know to get your website or your blog in the top rankings of web search pages. Of course getting a good position is crucial in today marketing strategies, allowing you to increase exponentially the number of potential customers. Some easy steps can help you in building a winning strategy, boosting your online presence and rocketing your business.

SEO secrets every business should know : eAskme
SEO secrets every business should know : eAskme
·         Tailor your SEO strategy on your specificity. Defining your target on the basis of your actually do is essential for your SEO strategy: if you are the owner of a restaurant, your aim is reaching the most possible number of likely clients, while if you are a blogger dealing with some special kind of Italian or Tahitian recipes, your goal is generating as much traffic as possible on your page. Food and recipes are common factors, but the keywords describing the webpages are different: understanding SEO keyword ranking and using the most suitable keywords for your business is the first, critical step to build a bright online future. 

·         Looks ahead and be patient! An effective SEO strategy should be planned thinking of long term results: there are many variables to consider and some of them can be a bit tricky if you are not enough shrewd with code, tags and other technical aspects of editing webpages. Luckily enough many websites explain in comprehensible ways how to deal with more advanced SEO secrets.

·         Do it smartly and socially! Let’s go back to the kitchen for a moment! If you own of a restaurant and if you are smart, you also ran a food blog, you have a regularly updated Facebook page, a profile on Instagram and Twitter, a channel on YouTube: the more active and multi-sided you are, the more google considers you as a real and reliable subject, rewarding your dedication with a good ranking in the search pages.

·         Stay tuned! Scenarios in SEO and keyword ranking are continuously changing, and knowing the latest trends going on is vital to develop, adapt and consolidate the right strategy to highlight your work: social and interactive contents, and local indexing, for example, are among the most popular tendencies for the 2016.

·         Users rule! Your website or blog should be tailored on how users use the internet: a mobile version is absolutely a must and a specific application can be even required. Also but be ready to change the code, the keywords and the tags of your pages according to users searches in google or other search engines: surfers are not always linear in their requests and a certain level of ability in fitting the uncertain is highly recommendable.

·         Fresh quality contents! Appealing and modern design, reliable and regularly updated contents, appropriate links to sources are all factors that boost your ranking in search results: besides looking good and attractive, be aware that search engines check the credibility of your website using specific automatic programs, known as crawlers, which analyze contents and hyperlinks of your pages. 

These are, by and large, the most hidden google secret tricks: nothing terrible or mysterious after all! Once you have defined your business and your goals, focus on the content without forgetting how users go through it. Check again your content. Are the images appropriate? Are the texts appealing enough or do you need more professional and in-depth texts? One last look to your keywords and go online: if you did everything right, ranking, credibility and results will come!