December 14, 2019

Search Engine Optimization Trends to Watch for in 2024

20243 is here, but it’s not yet too late to plan for your year-round SEO marketing campaign using fresh strategies. To find out what those fresh strategies are, you’ll need to check where SEO is heading this year. Then, you can anchor your campaign and techniques on the most recent SEO trends.

Search Engine Optimization Trends to Watch for in 2024: eAskme
Search Engine Optimization Trends to Watch for in 2024: eAskme

Search Engine Optimization Trends to Watch for in 2024:

What do entrepreneurs need to watch for and apply in their business this 2024?

More and More People are Using Voice Search:

“Ok, Google, show me last minute surprise bridal shower ideas!

Does it still amaze you how you can talk to your smartphone these days as if you have a personal assistant following your orders wherever you go?

You’re not alone.

Some of us may still feel a bit giggly about how far we are now in technological advancements.

Voice search has come to aid our busy lifestyle. It allows us to gain faster access to information as soon as the need for it comes to mind.

As more people are loving the voice search feature on their smartphones, SEO marketers would also need to analyze how voice search features function and optimize their content according to that.

That also brings us to another important tip: Make sure the mobile version of your site adheres to high standards of user-friendliness, speed, and reliability.

Most of us nowadays use our smartphones to look up queries on Google, this is why the search engine has learned to adapt on that need, giving mobile version of websites top priority in indexing and ranking search results.

If you’re not sure how to do it, you better talk to a reputable SEO Agency to learn more about this subject.

Snippets are on the Rise and should be Given Importance:

In a nutshell, snippets are displayed in search results to give straightforward answers to a searcher’s question or possible related questions.

This is why, you’ll see snippets on the first page of search engine results. It’s also the reason why it’s simply called ‘answer boxes’.

A snippet is usually composed of several sentences or a single paragraph that is shown once you’ve clicked on a question in the answer box in the search results.

So, instead of giving the user the extra chore of browsing the entire page for one specific answer, snippets offer it right away.

But even if that is the main goal, it otherwise encourages the user to visit the source of information.

It motivates searchers to think: “Hey, tell me more!”

What does that mean for your SEO marketing this year?

It’s about time you understand search behaviors of most users. What queries do they want to find straight-forward answers for about the subjects you like wise talk about in your website?

Can you find ways on how you can provide simple, direct answers to those questions that would likely make Google choose your site to be one of the featured snippets? Here’s a useful resource for that.

Marketers Need to Think Outside that Box Called Google:

Is Google the only place people search for something they need to know more about?

Probably not

We search anywhere around the web which includes the online marketplace comprised by various online shopping platforms such as Amazon.

Same advice applies here: Understand your target market. Know what they need. Know what they are searching for.

For instance, if you have an e-book targeted towards them and you’re selling it on Amazon Kindle, you need to work on how you can place that e-book on top of search results when someone from your target market is searching for books on that niche.

Linkless Mentions Become Increasingly Popular:

Brand mentions in authoritative sites such as in the articles written by journalists and known social media influencers drive traffic to your company’s website.

Back then, those mentions need to include links directing people to your site to make the strategy more solid.

But now, Google has created better, more specific measures in analyzing whenever brands are mentioned in authoritative sources, with or without links.

So, whenever it feels natural to mention your brand online, do so. Google has made ways to find it.

Also, find social media influencers who share the same passion as yours—those who believe in your brand and those who are happy to try the products and services you’re offering.

These days, it’s one of the simplest ways you can gain more brand mentions online.

Authoritative Content has Become Non-Negotiable More than Ever:

Of course, it’s always non-negotiable to produce authoritative content for your site.

But this year and in the next ones to come, you can expect that Google will be more meticulous than ever in filtering its search results, choosing and prioritizing the sites that provide real value and relevance to their readers.

If you can’t find time producing quality posts from scratch, why not outsource the task to talented content writers?

Which among these trends are you most excited about to apply in your SEO marketing campaign this year?

We’d love to know!

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