April 25, 2017

The Importance and Benefits of Mobile CRM

CRM has become a vital part within the process through which companies nurture their relationship with each individual customer and are able to provide quick and effective solutions for any issue that might present itself during the entire collaboration process.
The importance and benefits of mobile CRM : eAskme
The importance and benefits of mobile CRM : eAskme
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That being said, there are many benefits to CRM solutions, the best of which being the fact that they help businesses stay connected to their customers. While any PR rep will tell you how important CRM is for the evolution and prosperity of a company, we will take the time to look over the benefits of a mobile CRM app. Many might think that regular CRM and mobile CRM apps are the same thing, and while that’s not entirely false, there are some differences that need to be highlighted. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why mobile CRM is so important.

On the go solutions

During business hours, you might not be sitting behind a desk in an office the entire day. A lot of businesses require that personnel are dispatched on location for various projects or concerns. Visiting the location of a potential business opportunity or meeting representatives of an already acquainted business collaborator, there are various reasons for which you might leave the office.

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Having a mobile solution that allows you to take your CRM with tools with you and have the ability to take action based on real time readings at any given time is incredibly important.

Multiple platforms

It is important to assure presence from a CRM standpoint across multiple platforms because it reinforces the idea that you aim to be as connected as possible to your customers and that you care about their problems. From both an image nurturing perspective as well as one that looks at how your CRM solutions can get better, having a mobile answer is a very good idea.

Integrate social media

Now that we’ve looked at a couple of the benefits of implementing a mobile CRM application into your repertoire, it’s time to mention something you should focus on when creating or choosing your mobile CRM app.

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Social media has an incredible grip on today’s marketing and the way in which companies interact with the public. It’s best if you make sure that the CRM app has integrations with all the major social media outlets and allows users to seamlessly access and view information featured on these platforms.

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This will also allow you to gain instant access to the social media content pertaining to any lead’s profile. For situations where you are away from the office and need that information ASAP, being able to access it on the fly is very important.