August 12, 2016

TopNotepad - Best cloud invoicing, accounting and CRM solution for freelancers and SMBs

Are you also a freelancer like me who is looking for a solution to ease his/her freelancing workload. I know how time consuming it is to keep track of all the clients, projects and also the payment records when you are working for various clients at the same time.

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Today I am going to share about what I have found the best solution for freelancers and SMBs and that is TopNotepad.

What is TopNotepad

TopNotepad - Best cloud invoicing, accounting and CRM solution for freelancers and SMBs : eAskme
TopNotepad - Best cloud invoicing, accounting and CRM solution for freelancers and SMBs : eAskme

TopNotepad is a cost effective and exhaustive online Invoicing, accounting and CRM Software.  It focuses on offering best solutions when it comes to cloud invoicing, accounting and CRM for freelancers and SMBs. They also offer the features like templates for you to easily manage your data according to your own need.
You can know how to get pay stubs.

This is a really simple and innovative tool for you with free trail so that you can learn how to use it.
Let`s see the features of this all-in-one software for freelancer and SME.

Features of TopNotepad

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Invoicing & Billing

It is simple online invoice software. It allows you to easily manage clients, create invoices, track unpaid invoices, log payment etc. It is really simple to create invoice as you need to enter details and it will automatically shows logo and address in header and t&c in footer. You can generate payment receipts and also register payments against invoices. They also have a free tool to create invoice.

Its Pdf feature allows you to download all invoices and payment receipts or you can even send without downloading. Also you can set up reminders. It also allows you to export data to excel sheet. You can even attach additional documents related to your invoices.

Expenses management:

It allows you to create custom expense categories, manage vendors and track expenses. You can create custom expenses reports, capture expenses in just few seconds, upload expenses receipts for future use, track profitability and also track brand level profits.

Leads management (CRM)

It offers CRM feature which other software’s lack. It` user interface is really good and it is better than other products out there like or You can easily upload all leads by setting up data in CSV files to upload. You can even setup custom lead pipeline to keep track of lead distribution.

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Maintain lead sources, filter leads, reminders, custom emails and notes are the useful features of this software.

Online Accounting

Let`s save your time and energy as you just need to create invoices and log expenses after that let this software do the accounting for you. It also shows profit and loss statements even without creating. You can even get balance sheet by just entering CIH, Capital and assets. So you see it`s really easy. It also allows cash book tracking.

Estimates and Quotations

It helps you to easily create estimates and quotations, download them convert into invoices and send via emails. You can even manage all estimates and quotations at client level. Also attach additional documents.

So you see this awesome software has some of the unique features. Now let`s look for the price.


When it comes to pricing this software is way more affordable than the competing software and has more unique features like CRM, which the other invoicing and accounting software don't have.

As you see in above image, TopNotepad offers 3 different pricing plans according to your need.


If you are a newbie or want to try this software than free plan is for you. In this they offer one user account, with 0.2 GB storage. You can create 5 invoices and 5 expenses reports. Manage 5 leads and 5 Clients.


If you are a Freelancer then POND is for you. At a very less cost of $120 annually they offers you a package with unlimited storage, unlimited invoicing, unlimited expense. You can manage unlimited clients and leads with email support.


If you are running a small or growing business then LAKE is for you. With 5 users account you will get all features for unlimited use with IP & Module access control and Email Chat Support.

The best thing about TopNotepad is that they allow every user to use their free plan, if you use and like their product then you can go for the premium packages.

Final Words:

The benefits, features and UI this software offers, makes user to stick with it. You can even integrate your favorite payment processor and it is the only financial software which offers you CRM feature.
As a professional freelancer I prefer and recommend it to me, my team and everyone who are looking for Best cloud invoicing, accounting and CRM solution.