August 27, 2017

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic

By Sona Mathews
Promotion is the key to beat the competition and become a brand. Like any other business it is also important for blogging. When a blogger promote his blog, he is not only promoting his blog but he is also promoting the products and services that he recommends to his readers.

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme
How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme
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I am Gaurav Kumar.

Today, I am going to share how expert blogger promote blog posts for maximum traffic.


Because, every blogger knows the importance of continuously growing traffic.

Lets see, what they have for you?

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic : Expert Roundup

Donna Merrill

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme

Promotion begins the moment you conceive the idea for your article.


Write an excellent blog post and apply all the basic SEO tactics that will optimize it for the search engines.

But that’s just the beginning.


Link to your blog post on all your social media sites.

Ideally, your post will include links to influential people in your niche.

Tag them in your posts to get your article in front of their audiences.


Perhaps the greatest way to maximize your blog post is to promote elements of it on a wide variety of platforms.

This is called content repurposing.

You need to reshape your blog post into a variety of forms.

Think of ways to turn it into a video, an infographic, a slide share... anything else that might help you put it before different audiences.

I'm not talking about rewriting your entire blog post.

Just take snippets or elements from it.

A paragraph, a quote, an image, an idea.

Create various forms of content from these snippets.

Share them on a broad spectrum of platforms and a variety of sites.

You might take, for instance, one paragraph from your article and turn it into a video.

Share the video on YouTube, linking back to your blog post.

New audience… expanded exposure… additional traffic source.

You might take an excerpt and turn it into a Facebook post.

You could take two or three paragraphs and use them as abbreviated articles on LinkedIn or Medium.

The more ways you find to repurpose your blog post, the more links you can place back to it.

That will help you drive the maximum amount of traffic to your site.

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How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic

Pinterest is a very powerful tool to drive traffic to your blog because it's more like a search engine (and less like a traditional social media platform, where your posts disappear into the feed within minutes). To leverage the power of Pinterest, I recommend that you create multiple pins for each blog post. Creating multiple pins allows you test out different headlines and images to see what resonates with your audience. Having multiple pins for a single blog post can double or triple the traffic to that one post. Plus, creating new pins is much quicker and easier than writing new blog posts.

Ryan Biddulph

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme

Blog commenting and guest posting are my fave 1-2 punch that pulls in blog traffic.

Blog commenting is an easy way to drive blog traffic. But you need to do it right. I may comment on 10 to 20 blogs daily after reading posts. I share my thoughts in a helpful manner, writing at least a few paragraphs to expound on some point made in the post and to also personalize the interaction by using my fellow blogger's name.

Guest post is a gem because it leverages your presence fast. I typically guest post on blogs from within my blogging tips niche but sometimes post on travel blogs too. Why guest posting? I have 60,000 members in my Blogging From Paradise community. When I guest post on Darren Rowse's Pro Blogger community to reach out to a 300,000 member base. Leveraging, and a big-time traffic builder too."


Raelyn Tan

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme

Using Pinterest to get traffic

For me, my best traffic generating source has hands down been Pinterest. Pinterest is my largest source of traffic and most of my customers find me on Pinterest.

My best tips are for business owners to create long attractive pins with strong fonts and bright colors to grab people's attention. Also, have a really informative post to back your pin up with good quality content!

As Pinterest has about 2 billion searches per month, it is definitely worth a business owner's time to figure out how to get that traffic!

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Helvijs Smoteks

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme
This content strategy is so good that I will share it only this time

I manage several blogs for quite a few years, and by now we have extremely detailed guidelines of what exactly we do after the article is published.

I almost never share this – as it’s our company’s secret sauce for making articles successful.
This time is an exception.

So here it goes - this is the sequence that has the best short-term and long-term impact on blog’s traffic:

    I start by submitting the post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ as well as send to our newsletter.

    Then to content directories – StumbleUpon, Reddit, Growthhackers, HackerNews,, BizSugar,, Startafire and sometimes also Digg.

    After that’s done, I re-write the content into a smaller piece and republish it on – Linkedin Articles, Medium, Tumblr, Ghost, Typepad,, and Post Haven.

    When that’s done I create a presentation from the post and publish it on Slideshare, Scribd, Speaker Deck and Projeqt.

    As I am spending a large part of my day helping people on  Quora, Yahoo Answers, Wiki-how and Jelly – occasionally I submit the article as an answer to people’s questions. All this is to generate buzz and get traffic to your site as well as few backlinks.

    Then it’s time to pull out the big guns and do some backlink generation – the best content link building hack is to find all the similar articles on this topic. Then when you have the list – see which sites link to this content and ask if they would be interested in linking to your post as well (note: your article must be great for this hack to work).

    Our goal is to get around 2-3 backlinks which should be enough to bring our long-tail keyword post to top10 spot on Google.

    Then we wait 2-3 months and see which keywords bring the most clicks. That’s when we optimize the content for this query and 99% of the time the article’s traffic will rocket. This also helps to acquire more backlinks throughout the time and increase the potential to rank for keywords with higher search volume.

If you follow this step by step guide your blog posts’ traffic can double month over month. Moreover, link building ensures that the authority of your blog grows which increases your chances to rank your articles for keywords with a lot higher search volume.

But don’t tell anyone about this (wink wink).

Teresa Walsh

Team up with Influencers in your industry

Influencer marketing is hot right now and one way to drive traffic to your blog is by teaming up with one of them. Reach out and connect with them and ask them to write a guest post for your blog.
This is one excellent, proven strategy to get readers to take notice of your blog and to share it online. Make sure to mention the Influencer in the title o the post and in the text you use on social media to promote it. Also, ask the influencer if they will share it on their social media sites.

Andrew Lowen

Consider this analogy when building blog traffic: Your blog is like a business, and your effort to promote is like a road. You must build the road and connect it to places that have high volumes of traffic, and the only way your audience (cars in this analogy) will care is if your roadside sign makes them want to turn into your road. Once they turn, they're coming to your blog!

So, how does this help you? Let's break this down into three simple steps:

1. Figure out where to build the road. Your blog should have a target market, and these people with similar interests congregate together. You need to discover the places that people gather (Subreddits, Quora, hobby websites, social networks, groups, etc).

2. Make your sign attractive! This often requires that you build a presence on these websites before linking your blog. Reddit users, for example, will downvote your post into oblivion if you don't follow the social rules there. Facebook groups will delete your posts if they are too self-promotional or aren't clearly helpful to the members of the group.

3. Build many roads and many signs. Focus on the top 1-3 places that generate traffic to your blog and engage with users there. One of our posts exploded on Reddit, and the next blew up on Twitter. You never know where your traffic will come from!

Hope that helps :)"

Ankit Singla

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme

Here are my favourite ways of promoting blog posts for getting maximum traffic:

1. Install OneSignal or any other push notification plugin on your blog. It will send browser push notification to your subscribers just after you hit the publish button. It will instantly give you highly targeted quality traffic.

2. Edit your old blog posts and add an internal link to your new post. It will not only help you generate some clicks on your new post but it will also pass some authority to your new post which is crucial for organic ranking.

3. Send personalized email to your email subscribers and let them know why they should read your latest blog post. Again a high-quality traffic source.

4. Share your new post on Social media including profiles, pages, groups, and communities. You might not get HUGE traffic from your social sharing but if you schedule your shares using a social media scheduling tool like Amplifr, you can generate good traffic over time with just one-time effort.

Although there are many ways to promote blog posts, but this is what I always do to make sure that my new content gets some eyeballs.
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 Jerry Low

"Here's one tactic we use regularly at WHSR: Re-purpose and repeat promotion.

The idea is to leverage on the winners (ie, posts that are already making substantial impact to your blog) and make them work even harder to attract new traffic. 

To find these posts, login to your Google Analytics Dashboard > Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. Identify blog posts that are performing well by looking at average time on site or bounce rates.

- Can you repurpose these content, present them in different form (ie. infographic, video, or presentation slides) and use them in your guest post or  social media posts?

- Can you further expand or update the content and promote the same posts again on Facebook or Twitter?

- Can you add a short influencer interview to the post and ask your interviewee to help promote the post?

- Can you create a video and link back to the original content from your YouTube page?

- Can you re-market the post to your existing users on Facebook and Google Display Networks?

These are some things you can do right away to increase your blog traffic. " 

Lisa Sicard

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme

To promote your blog posts for maximum traffic I would start by sending out a newsletter with the latest post and more info that your readers may enjoy reading.

I would then go to Triberr and be sure the latest post is qued and ready to go. I would add image if it doesn't show up and maybe pay for it to be promoted there.

I would then go to Twitter and Facebook and promote there. I may boost a post on Facebook as the pages posts only get shown to 1-3% of your audience. Maybe share the post in a Facebook group or 

2. Don't be spammy though!

I would use JustRetweet and ContentViralBee.

I then would comment on at least 5-10 other relevant blogs.

I would to to BizSugar, InBound and check Quora to see if the post answers any questions. 

(Be careful not to use links each time on Quora answers though, stick to the 20% links and 80% no links. )

I would also be sure the next post I write has a link back to a previous one. "


Lilach Bullock
How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme

In order get as much traffic as possible, it's best to create a strategy, or a checklist if you will, of multiple platforms where you promote your blog posts. The more traffic sources you can build up, the better - if you rely on only a few sources and something happens to one of them, you're in danger of losing a lot of your traffic. Promote your blog posts on a few different social networks, use blogging communities to boost your social media shares, be active in your community by guest blogging on quality blogs and engaging with other bloggers, always optimize your blog and your blog posts for search engines and write better, more clickable headlines - if you don't have a good headline, people won't be compelled to click on it, no matter what platforms you promote it on.  


Rebecca Temsen

"I promote blog posts all the time. I'll list down the things I do every time I publish a new blog post.
1. Share with your readers via email list, social media, etc.

2. Contact bloggers within a similar niche and ask them their opinion on it. If they think it's good, they will happily share or link to it.

3. Look for forums like quora, niche specific forums etc and look for questions regarding your post. Answer them and link to your post for more info.

4. Ask your readers to share. (Many people don't bother asking and it helps a lot)

5. Look for roundups or resource pages on blogs and pitch them the content. (I once got over 1000 views in a week from a weekly roundup of a blogger)


Allan Pollett

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic

My way of thinking is very different than the topic blogger, so I'm going to rephrase the question in the following way: How to use your posts to promote your blog for maximum traffic. There is a subtle difference, but it is much more line with the way I think. My background is in SEO and I use the blog as a means to target traffic. So each post acts as a means of promoting the blog. So how does this work? People are constantly searching for information. 

This is why Google is the #1 most visited site on the web. People do a lot of searching and the keywords people use are all tracked and recorded. To access this search history you can use Google's Keyword Planner tool. The tool gives the keywords used and the number of people who used them. To use this information in your blog you create posts with topics based on popular long tail phrases that are relevant to your blog. 

The reason you want to use long tail phrases, which contain 4 or more words, is that these terms are usually less competitive and are easier to rank. If you create a post with the long tail keyword phrase as the title and uses the term throughout the post, you'll find more often than not, the post will rank very well. As a result of this approach your posts act as a means to promote your blog for maximum traffic.  


Cori Ramos

"One way to promote a blog post for traffic is to have a call to action statement when publishing a post on social media.

For example, on Twitter I'll keep it short and say something like ""check out this post"" or ""new post"" along with the title and link.

On Facebook and other platforms that give us more character space I'll put something like ""new post is out"" or ""check out this post"" and go into more detail about it. In the end I'll add a call to action statement like ""go on and check it out"" or ""click the link to read more.""

Along with a call to action statement, include a couple keyword hashtags as well.

Georgi Todorov
How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme

"1)    Facebook Ads
Facebook ads can be very helpful if you have a tight budget. Even small budgets can lead to large amount of traffic with Facebook, provided you are not only targeting expensive countries like the U.S., Australia, Canada. If your target is wordwide, you can get as down as 1 cent per click or below.

2)    Research and find bloggers and influencers
Work out who could be interested in your content. Reach out and contact them, show them what you can offer in terms of your content and you may get some shares.

3)    Post your content on the right channels
Get your content in front of audiences that might be interested in your content. Answering questions on Quora and placing a link to your post within the answer is a tactic that leads you lots of traffic. If you participate in Facebook groups, Slack groups, Google Plus Communities, Linkedin groups, Forums – share your article. You must do it in such manner that it does not look like you’re spamming the people though. Take some time to write why you’re sharing it to this particular group, why you think it can help people and also ask for a feedback.


Kraig Kowalski

 I like to get my readers and audience engaged with infographics. I have yet to truly implement with my current site but infographics are probably the single best way to grow your blog traffic exponentially and I'll explain why.

1. Everyone loves visuals and an infographic does just that while also being educational or telling your viewers more about what the article has to say. It's fun to see the designs and creativity that people have with infographics.

2. The second reason why infographics are great are because they are extremely easy to share on social media and your audience will WANT to share those with their friends and followers. You can easily add infographics to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more!

3. Finally and one of the big reasons infographics are great is because they are an excellent tool at gaining backlinks, both naturally and through outreach. Other bloggers and website owners want their audience to be engaged as well and that's why many bloggers love sharing inforgraphics from other sites. This not only leads to traffic from the referring site but also from a natural increase in your google rankings due to website linking back to your website.

Hope this helps and if you are linking back to sites that provide ideas you are looking for that would be fantastic, I'll list my information below.

Aadil Bandi 

We know that content is the king. We need to write uniqe, informative and in-depth articles in order viral the blog.

But, Even large informative articles will also not able to give traffic you will not promote the article.
We should Promote our articles in following ways:

1. Share your articles on your Facebook fan page, relevant groups on Facebook. Use relevant hashtags.

2. Share on Twitter. We know that we have word limit on twitter. So write your post very smarty. Use 1-2 hashtags [Its enough]. Don't forget to attach image

3. Use tribber. If you are using WordPress you can download tribber plugin.

4. Share your article on Linkedin page and linkedin groups

5. Use Autopost sharing plugin. There are lots of plugin available. Choose which suits you.

6. Email marketing is also one of the best way. Create your blog subscribers list and outreach them.
7. Quora, Reddit, Stumbleupon etx are good platforms to promote your blog.

I think this techniques are enough to promote your blog and get some visits.

David Leonhardt
Social media amplification. The idea goes like this: I have 36,000 followers on Twitter. So how can I reach 360,000 people? The answer is amplification, by getting others to tweet/retweet for me.

That's why I submit my posts for consideration at ViralContentBee and feed my profile at Triberr.

That's why I participate in small, private tribes of friends who also produce tiop quality content and are good promoters.

I can't reach 360,000 people on my own. But I know a few people who can.

Minuca Elena
How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme


Content promotion strategies

Whenever I publish a new post, I do the following things:

1. Blogger outreach. I email all the bloggers to which I linked from my post. I let them know that I mentioned them in my article and ask them if they could share it.

2. I share my post in Facebook groups. Be aware of the rules of different groups. Some allow self-promotion where as others have special threads in certain days for sharing your post. Always follow the rules to avoid getting banned.

3. I share the new article on Pinterest. I pin it to all of my boards that are related to the topic and then I pin it to group boards. This is a great way of getting your blog post in front of other people that aren't your followers (yet).

4. I share my post on Google+. G+ is often neglected but this social channel belongs to Google and studies have shown that a high number of G+ shares and pluses helps your post rank better.

5. I add my post on Flauntt. Flauntt is a new post I discovered a couple months ago. You get lots of tweets for your posts from other bloggers.

6. I add the post on Viral Content Bee. Similar to Flauntt, this is a promotional platform where you can get lots of shares and retweets for your post. You have to share other bloggers' posts to get credits that you will spend for your posts. The downside is that if you share too many posts or if you have a small following, some of your social media accounts can be blocked without notification. It happened to me recently.


Ali Raza

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic: eAskme

Well there are various things i do to promote blog posts for maximum traffic, few of them, I would like to share with your audience.

Social Media : First thing first, thats the first thing i do to get the maximum traffic and try to get it viral through it, never underestimate the power of social media, eventually over the years, it has become one of the strong source of traffic acquisition.

Newsletter : If you don't have a newsletter, you are doing all wrong. You need to build a relation with your reader and eventually convert your blog into a brand and that's what newsletter do, so i consider it as the second thing i do for traffic acquisition.

Hope it answers. "

Marc Guberti

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic

For every blog post I write, I have a distribution plan to determine all of the places I need to promote that blog post. First and foremost, I share my latest blog posts with my email list. The email list is my most engaged audience. I’ll then follow-up with several tweets on the day the blog post gets published since Twitter is my largest social network. 

Before doing any of that promotion, I like to get influencers involved with the blog post whether that means asking for a quote, recommendation, or advice. When I publish the blog post, I tell all of the influencers that I just published the blog post, and they tend to share it with their audiences.

 Louie Luc

How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic

To promote my blog posts for maximum traffic I resort to several traffic generation sources:
  • I use Facebook groups in the niche that I am to do it (while making sure to follow the groups’ rules and not spam anyone; just positively trying to contribute to those communities with relevant, useful and helpful content).
  • I use JustRetweet to get more blog post shares on Twitter.
  • I make sure to include references (and/or links) to my most relevant blog posts on expert roundups I’m invited to participate in.
  • I do some blogger outreach to other bloggers and influencers in my niche to let them know that I’ve published something they might be interested in taking a look at.
  • I talk about my posts whenever I’m invited to YouTube or podcast interviews or to my own podcast listeners.


How to Promote Blog Posts for Maximum Traffic

Every blog post reaches a peak of traffic, usually right after publication and the first social push. But if you're writing valuable content, why leave it to die in the background after it reached peak traffic?

Instead, get into the habit of re-sharing your blog posts continuously, particularly if it's information that maintains relevancy throughout time. If it's tips, feature a different tip on social media each month. If it's holiday posts, every year, push them to the homepage and promote them on social media, especially holiday posts that were successful in past years. There are always ways to refresh older posts and re-purpose them for continuous sharing on social media platforms: even creating simple images featuring quotes from the article can do well!

 Isaac: Promoting Blog Post and Increasing Traffic

Most top publishers have funds to advertise their pages hence difficult for new blog owners withlittle or no advertisement money to get to the top of Google search page. This are my take:
- Research and write attractive contents for better user engagement hence reducing your Google bounce rate
- Share your content to as many facebook groups as possible. The more the better
- You must do SEO on your blog to stand a good chance of having your blog post appear in Google first page
- Research what your competitors are doing, how engaged their users are and take ideas from what sort of post they are writing
- Use IFTTT to auto post your posts to multiple bookmark sites and other high authority sites
- If you have time, then do guest posting so you have a good backlink as it appears backlinks does have a good effect to your posts especially when linked from a high authority site

Hope this helps as there is no fast or short cut to it.

Abhishek: A simple way that worked for me in getting more traffic to my blog organically.

I write blogs on machine learning and image processing related projects of mine. With every project I arrive at different issues for which I search for solutions through books, notes, online articles, trial and error methodologies. One thing I noticed here was, like me, many encountered such errors. So, to help promote my work, I started answering on technical forums, would clear of the doubts/queries posted on the forum, and at the end of my answer would create a curiosity in the mind of the readers and the solution to that curiousity would be the link to my blog.

Say, hpothetically, for example, a user on forum had posted that he is stuck in getting answer to 1+1=x. I would solve the equation for him, and mention that an easy methodology I have found could be seen on my post. Bam!!! I got more views. Or, say, in solving some issue, the user has posted about some intermediate question, I would solve it, and provide a link to my blog for him to explore the easy way ahead without any obstacles. Yes, I targetted niche market and yes, it involved a lot of work. But the results were outstanding. Hope this helps you.

Ron: Get Noticed By Influencers

In my experience the number one way bloggers have skyrocketed their traffic and subscribers is to get an existing influencer within your feild to mention you via social media.

The best way to go about his is to first put together a list of the top 50 influencers in your field. Create a spreadsheet which will include there website, twitter handle, facebook page, of course email if you can get it and any other contact details you can get a hold of.

Next you will want to write post that is directly relevant to the influencers audience.  The key here is to write something the influencer will want to share with his/ her audience because they feel it will give them great value.

Reach out to the influencer and say something like "Hey, i wrote this article i think your followers are really going to like. Let me know what you think. [link]".  Keep it short and sweet. There is no need for a long essay explaining the concept and ideas behind your article.  Just let the influencer know you have something they would enjoy reading and might want to pass it along to there audience if they like it.  Also let them know you welcome there comments and suggestions.  Start a dialogue with them to get them to notice you.

Make notes of all your contact and requests in your spreadsheets and make sure to note any responses you received and what articles specifically you submitted to the influencer.  Also make sure to create different articles for each influencer. In other words to write one article and then spam each influencer for there input. Make the article relevant to there audience.

So to recap you are creating content specifically for individual influencers and their audience. Then reaching out to to get there input.

This has been the winning strategy for many bloggers and is probably the easiest and fastest way to grow your blog.

I must say there is always more to learn to improve your blog. I will be keep adding more expert tips in this roundup so that you can learn every single action that will help you to boost your blog post traffic.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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