October 22, 2017

Expand Your Sales and Grow Your Cash Flow with Tips from Entrepreneur Alex Jeffreys

Do you want to make $100k per month? Better still, how would it feel if could sustain that amount over several months, if not years, to come? Impossible, right? Wrong!

To solo entrepreneurs hustling to build their business, it might sound far-fetched. Others think it’s outright impossible. After all, a day has 24 hours, and chances are you’re working on most of these hours. Where do the extra hours to make that kind of money come from? This is the million-dollar question many folks ask themselves.

Expand Your Sales and Grow Your Cash Flow with Tips from Entrepreneur Alex Jeffreys: eAskme
Expand Your Sales and Grow Your Cash Flow with Tips from Entrepreneur Alex Jeffreys: eAskme
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As an entrepreneur, chances are high that you’re stressed out. Additionally, you’re afraid taking some time off your business you are not giving your all to the business. Are you in such a situation?

Internet marketer Alex Jeffreys has some advice. His counsel will assist you to not attain the six-figure target you’ve been desiring but also maintain and/or grow it.

His simple advice is, "To multiply, you must simplify!’’

To multiply, you must simplify:

Simplifying your business might sound counterintuitive. However, Jeffreys derives his advice from personal experience. Just like most entrepreneurs, he was totally afraid of taking time off while he grew his coaching business.

Actually, for many years, he left guilty anytime he’d take even a single day off for himself. Alex used to get worried about not being strategic when it came to growing his business. His fear of relaxation ran deeply to the extent of shying away from meditating.

"I used to be extremely scared that if I took a moment to relax, I’d lose my edge," Jeffreys said. "However, what I realize now is that I’m always at my best when I relax. And the same applies to my business and coaching.’’

The power of simplifying things:

At some point, a mentor shared with him the magical words, "To multiply, you must simplify.’’
Those words made Jeffreys to rethink his business strategy. They completely changed his mindset. After several loses and many wins, he started to reap the fruits of this strategy.

Today, most of Jeffreys' clients have successfully implemented the strategy to boast incomes of more than $100k every month.

Jeffreys’ Insider Tip >> In addition to creating one irresistible offer, you need to set up one TeleFunnel.  Utilize different forms of paid advertising like Facebook ads to ensure your offer is in front of as many folks as possible. That will increase chances of getting purchases.
The automated and paid advertising TeleFunnel does the heavy lifting with your sales by creating multiple sale funnels. That means that you can put your focus on offering excellent service or product.

"My entire business is founded on this premise. The objective of marketing is to ensure selling is superfluous,’’ Jeffreys said. "Automation means that marketing ought to handle the heavy lifting so that there’s no need to sell.’’

True to his word, most of his methods utilize heavy automation, beginning with Facebook advertising. After spending time creating an irresistible content offer, you’ll spend most of the time offering your service. Since the leads you’ll be getting will be from folks interested in your service, you’re highly likely to close many sales.

Jeffreys believes many people find it sounds completely out-there. Nonetheless, it’s the numbers.

"Numbers never lie," he said. "Business only runs, it doesn’t have any emotion. Business is simple; people are the ones that makes it difficult. After streamlining your business, and simplifying processes, you’ll surely be able to scale!"

More tips revealed:

There’s more to making $100,000 each month than just automating everything. It also entails believing in yourself and knowing your worth.

"Unfortunately, the weakness I’ve noticed with many people when having conversations on the phone is that they have certain mind blocks.’’ Jeffreys said. "Sadly, they don’t trust in their ability to make $100,000 monthly. In fact, they hardly believe they can make 10 times their price.’’

Jeffreys hired a mindset coach to work with the clients he coaches. He has created a comprehensive coaching program for clients to prevent them from what he coins as, ‘self-sabotaging.’ The services of the mindset coach help clients to know what it takes to be successful. He also teaches them how to successful harness their own power.

"The major problem many people face today is trading time for money," Jeffreys said. "Deep down they believe that they require a coaching program prior to working with us. That is completely wrong. Many people believe they cannot raise their price since they aren’t worthy.’’

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