December 28, 2018

Why Your Blog is Dying? & How to Save it

Are you a blogger who is waiting for a heart attack?

Yes you are, because your blog is dying. And you are complaining about it.

Every day when I open my email or Facebook inbox, what I see is lot of people begging me to help them to improve their blogging because their blog is dying.

But do you know that I can`t help them.

You may ask Why?

Because, the only person who can help you to be a successful blogger is you.

Why Your Blog is Dying? & How to Save it.

Why Your Blog is Dying? & How to Save it: eAskme
Why Your Blog is Dying? & How to Save it: eAskme


If your blog is dying, then what should be your first priority?

Well, you should find the reasons why your blog is dying and try to fix them before it is too late.

Today I am going to uncover all the reasons which is killing your blog.

1) Your prime focus is money:

Money: Why Your Blog is Dying? & How to Save it: eAskme

The big issue with most of the bloggers, who quit the blogging industry, is that they are too much focused about making money online, but not focused about the actions.

I know that you have started a blog to make money online, but if you force your blog to make money from day one then you will kill it with your own expectation.
Let me make it simple for you.

You can’t expect your blog to make money from day one until you are Neil Patel. Neil has done lot of hard work and it took him years to reach at the level of ultimate success.

For example; Assume there is a 3 years kid who is going to the school for the first time. He is just learning how to pronounce alphabets. Now if his parents start pushing him to learn sentences from day one, that means they are putting extra burden on him and one day this burden will either make him sick or may even take his life.

Same thing happen with blogging. If you are doing the same that means you are killing your own blog.

How to fix this:
Always focus on actions. When your actions go big you will gain big rewards.

2) Write for the sake of writing:

Writing: Why Your Blog is Dying? & How to Save it: eAskme

Have you done any research before writing articles on your blog?



Because it takes time to do research and you think that research is just waste of time.

Lol :)

Let me introduce you with the basic of blogging.

Stop acting like machine. Your readers are humans and they want the human touch.

When you writing without caring about what your readers want from your blog or what can attract the more readers to your blog, you actually introducing a big turn off on your blog.

Your readers will feel dullness in your blog and will never visit again.

No readers mean any success.

No one can stop your blog from dying if you are not generating content which attracts and engage readers.

How to fix this:

3) Ignoring SEO:

Ignore SEO: Why Your Blog is Dying? & How to Save it: eAskme

Do you even know what is SEO?

Lol, it`s search engine optimization.

Everyday I meet many people who do not know what is SEO or search engine optimization.

SEO means optimizing your blog according to the search engine ranking factors.

There is no doubt that every SEO strategy takes time to bring good results. But if you are simply ignoring it that means you are ignoring the huge amount of traffic and lead opportunities.

How to fix this:
  1. Do research

  2. Find LSI and long term keywords

  3. Check competition

  4. Use proper url format

  5. Use proper heading tags

  6. Maintain keyword density.

  7. Generate backlinks etc.
Also optimize your blog design and work on improving the site speed.

4) No promotion:

No promotion: Why Your Blog is Dying? & How to Save it: eAskme

Are you a lazy person?

There are people who start blog to make money online and even write posts but never invest time on promoting the content on various networks.

Do you think that you will visit in the dream of every single person and introduce him with your blog?


Do you think that people just get an inner feeling about your blog existence?

Stop being lazy.

No one knows about your blog until you promote it.
Every day thousands of blog take birth in blogosphere. Without promotion your blog can’t even get a single visit.

If you don`t get traffic that means you will not earn anything and one day you will put your own blog in sandbox.

You not only have to promote it among your friends and family but also utilize all the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr etc.
So you see it works as a circle.

So stop killing your blog with your laziness and start promoting it.

5) Copy content:

Copy Content: Why Your Blog is Dying? & How to Save it: eAskme

This is the horror show.

Stop copying content from other blogs or publications.

If you are doing so that means one day you will penalized by DMCA and Google.

In worse case, Google will sandbox your blog and it will never show in Google search results.

Google will also ban you from using Google Adsense on your blog.

This will cause the death of your blog.

How to avoid that:
Never copy content from other sites.

Use content theft checker tools to check if copy content is available on your blog or not.

Fix it before it is too late.

6) Penalized by Google;

Penalty: Why Your Blog is Dying? & How to Save it: eAskme

Is your blog suffering from huge drop in traffic and search ranking?

That means Google has hit your blog with one of it`s updates.

Why Google did that?

Because Google fins something on your blog which is not acceptable, such as:
  1.  Copycontent

  2.  Black hat SEO

  3.  Poor backlink profiles

  4.  No user engagement

  5.  Malicious codes
How to fix that:
I always want you to do SEO, but never overdo it and never use black hat techniques.

Focus on user engagement. Write compelling content and make the readers engage without blog by allowing them to comment and share your blog posts.

7) Loose Interest:

Loose interest: Why Your Blog is Dying? & How to Save it: eAskme

Blogging is your passion or just a job?

If it is your passion then you will never get bored, but if you are doing it like a job that means sooner or later you will lose interest in it.

How to fix this:

The only way is to take the necessary step when staring a new blog.

Always choose the niche of your own interest. Look for your passion and then check if that is monetize able or not.

Most of the times, your passion will have monetizing potential.

These are the 7 most common reasons behind the death of 90% blogs.

When you start a blog, you have to take every step carefully. From choosing a domain name to promoting a blog, do everything in really professional way.

Remember: No one can write your story better than you.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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