November 13, 2017

Use the Curiosity Gap in Your Marketing Campaigns

Our curiosity makes us investigate new realms and broadens our outlook. Why is the curiosity gap of vital importance in marketing campaigns? This is due to this small detail that you can attract “your audience” to your project, product or idea most efficiently. Exploit opportunities given by curiosity to promote your content.

Use the Curiosity Gap in Your Marketing Campaigns: eAskme
Use the Curiosity Gap in Your Marketing Campaigns: eAskme

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How to make your audience click?

In the world of marketing, one click equals one person interested in your offer in some way. To make an individual taking an interest in something you would like to sell, you need to learn what techniques help to represent your project in a way evoking attention to it. That is to say; your presentation must contain a curiosity gap. As a rule, it is hidden in titles and subject lines. We just have a look at it and cannot help trying to get to know more about the subject exciting our curiosity. 

Headline writing bait

Use the Curiosity Gap in Your Marketing Campaigns: eAskme

One of the techniques giving the best result for this concern is a presentation of a common thing as sensation, a secret of some celebrity. You must have seen multiple headlines of this kind. The effect is undeniable but is not worth the cost: most readers will not take you seriously after such game. Why should they? Such technique is an illustration of your lack of real worthy offer and your readiness to sell soul to the devil for one more click. Such approach puts an end to your strong reputation. It is well tested by the yellow sheets but is leading nowhere if you are willing to start writing a blog this way. On the other hand, this is a sure fire way to drive traffic. However, if you intend to have more than that, if you care about time spent on the pages or any other engagement metrics you should choose some different approaches.

Respected audience

When we talk of respect to the audience, we assume that the author of the article should do his best to form sensational headline and engaging content, but he must not use any cheap trickery. Would you choose some deceitful headline? Well, and they don't offer your reader such an excursion.In your headline writing, you give your promise to dwell on the chosen topic and must stand byword in your article you can see some great examples at UK EduBirdy. To prove the user’s trust for activating the link of your headline, deliver on the offered subject not to cause disappointment. Acting differently, you can lower your conversion rates if speaking in figures.

Headlines speaking for themselves

Use the Curiosity Gap in Your Marketing Campaigns: eAskme

The value of headline writing can hardly be overestimated. This is due to them that you can either evoke a person’s desire to learn more about the subject of discussion or to scroll more to forget about the headline the next second. To render your right message to your audience, you should work on its presentation in a headline. This is the moment when your reader will estimate the worthiness of your offer without though having read the central part. Well, you can ascertain him the next step is necessary paying attention to several details.

Emotional constituent.In your headline appeal to the reader’s emotions – this is one of the most efficient ways to get out a message and to get into the ear. It works on the subliminal level which is quicker than if approved logically. Having represented your product or service this way you will make the user feel like reading the article. This approach is helpful rendering new service; product or brand just as writing a blog for it is universal.

Outstrip your reader’s expectations. To evoke the reader’s curiosity confute his certainty that he knows the answer to your question. Thus, you will illustrate your professionalism to the fullest: your in-depth knowledge and masterful presentation will convince your audience that you know what you are talking about. Professional performance is always attractive: people tend to rely on experts who can help them fill in the gaps in their outlook.

Caution: size matters. When trying to attract your audience with the help of curiosity gap, make sure you do not run into extremes. The long passage just a few words about it will not do well. Did you know that Google shortens each headline exceeding 65 symbols? Your reader should easily grasp your hint in a relatively short message without though the answer is obvious. Do not entrust the secret at once! Gradually lead your readers to the answer they are looking for. Providing a snippet of information to attract the user’s attention you will lose him, too much specific data in a headline will fail to evoke his desire to click, and you will lose him either. This curiosity marketing approach is especially useful for sales pages.

Email exciting curiosity

Email marketing is one more chance to find your way to your audience. To assure you do use these opportunities you need to adjust the presentation of your brand, product or service to a set of determined requirements.

Good news: there is nothing complicated about that! 

Anyway, there is also an alternative approach offering to redirect this task to some source to help you cope with it successfully. To induce your subscribers’ desire to click on your email, you should work on your address line, pre-header, and the article of the email.

Provoking address line. To make yours correspond to this characteristic make sure it is short, readable, smart, and includes some intrigue. In email marketing, this part of your message serves a headline, and by now, you have already informed of its Importance. Make it just as impeccable as you think the headline writer should be.

Colorful pre-head. Serving a continuation of the address line and an introduction to the principal part of the text, this portion of information performs an essential function: it allows you to make emphasis on some aspect of your article, which is of great importance adding details and colors to the data in the addressing line. This can be the second step your reader needs to make to assure that he needs to read the text through – prove him he does.

Email text. When talking to your subscribers discuss their interests. Learn the trends and the current tendencies to illustrate your awareness of the present-day situation in the industry to represent your product efficiently. Give them the answers they are searching for, and you will get the number of clicks you are aiming at.

Welcome to Social Wonderland

Use the Curiosity Gap in Your Marketing Campaigns: eAskme

Social networks and curiosity marketing give multiple opportunities for business. Use them in combination! To make people wonder without talking too much is something one should learn before making attempts to get on top with his article or service. Your brief presentation should encourage the user to stop on it, so you badly need to stand out from the crowd. This has nothing to do with a clickbait meaning! How to make one believe you have something valuable to offer to him or her before he or she visited your page and read about its advantages? Your message should correspond to several criteria.

Size matters. The figures with diverse resources may differ, but in most cases, the volume of this part of your ‘’announcement’ should not exceed 140 symbols, while the URL should stay within the limits of 23 symbols.

Easy to read. Multiple hashtags do not make your article a piece worth of reading, but your message should attract the attention of the reader while he is walking up and down his news feed. Make sure it is smart and short not to distract from the primary message you are to share.

Provoking disputes. For social promotion, provide useful material which will serve to start a discussion with the audience.Ask some question to your followers avoiding plain “click here for more” with a clickbait meaning.

Add visual elements. Your engaging title can become even more encouraging to click it if some cute optical attachment accompanies it. 

Center on quality content

A good beginning makes a good ending. To start the relations with your audience appropriately, make a right acquaintance – you will never have the second chance to make the first impression on the user. This is about the quality of your material. Of course, you should try to creatively represent your article in the headline and do your best to excite your audience’s curiosity, but above it all, you must offer the marvelous content. Stick to high standards to ascertain you’ve prepared for the first meeting with the reader. Rather than looking for a sure-fire way of a clickbait meaning, dress your brilliant idea appropriately to make it shine and evoke the desire to learn more about it. Such approach is even inspired by Google rewarding for the materials of high quality with better visibility. Make use of this advantage! To reach the pinnacle of quality content think of your article in correlation to SEO, CRO, PPC, social channels. One of them is not enough. If you think you deserve a wider audience, try harder!

If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go together

This African proverb applies to the marketing technologies as the choice of the techniques and approaches depends on your target. Whether you are eager to start a long-term relationship with your audience or just to get a vast number of acquaintances, for both purposes there is a set of methods to succeed. Choose yours and good luck!