November 14, 2017

5 Ways to Enhance Your Email Pop Up Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tools of the 21st century. When it comes to an e-commerce business, emails are one of the main methods of increasing sales.  There are certain tools that can be used in order to improve email marketing, and popups are one of them.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Email Pop Up Strategy: eAskme
5 Ways to Enhance Your Email Pop Up Strategy: eAskme
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It is important to use email as a marketing tool because it is more personal than other methods. Popups are not necessarily appreciated by users, but as long as your popups are not aggressive, they can be very efficient. In this article we will share some tips with you in order to attract more subscribers with your email pop ups.

Come up with a specific design

The design is the first thing anyone notices. Don’t come with a generic popup, work at one that is catchy enough, without being too flashy. It is also important to find a right image or color in the background. Choose a font that is clear and also elegant, and place your logo up there as well.
With a bit of creativity, you can attract some subscribers, just make sure that the design also matches the content of your website.

Find an attractive headline

The headline is the first thing that will be read by the visitors. That can be easily the reason why someone decides to enter his or her email address, but it can also determine a visitor to close the popup.

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You can choose a headline that tells people what they will be receiving by subscribing. You can easily offer email content, or more than that. You can ask them to subscribe in order to receive a certain discount or a limited offer. Giving them something they want might be enough reason to receive their email addresses.

You can choose between a promotion or a discount or you can even offer them content such as eBooks. Alternatively, you can even offer free products in a giveaway. This way, more visitors will be conceived to enter their addresses.

Convince them to subscribe

Now that you have a good design and a convincing headline, you have to work on your text. The popup should have a few convincing sentences. This the part where you have to explain why visitors should subscribe.

There are various things that you could say in order to earn their trust. One good idea would be to explain very briefly what you have to offer and why it would be advantageous to enter the email address.

When to display the email popup?

As it turns out, 55% of website visitors leave a website in the first 15 seconds of the visit. This means that you have to act quickly. Make the email popup appear in those 15 seconds. This means that the popup will also be received by the visitors who would normally leave immediately. With a bit of luck, you might even convince them to subscribe to your website.

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