April 20, 2018

How do I Build My Website with the Latest Technology?

By Sona Mathews
Contemporary websites are designed using a variety of technologies. While you don’t have to be a professional in methods to manage your website project correctly, it is a wise decision to get familiar yourself with the fundamentals of the available technologies and their benefits and drawbacks to comprehend the long-term impact they will have on your website.

How do I build my website with the latest technology?: eAskme
How do I build my website with the latest technology?: eAskme

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Websites are the building blocks of the Internet. But while you might have been influenced to create one for a while, you may have been thinking how to get one life.  Fortunately, the primary Coding process is straightforward.

The website is A Cake of Many Layers

Before deciding which technology is right for your site, it is essential to realize all building blocks of a website. You can think of today's website as a cake that has several levels. Each part symbolizes specific technology. Each “technology layer” has its function and purpose. Select them smartly, and you have a great-tasting cake. Select poorly, and your product will be inedible.

Client-Side Coding CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and JavaScript are latest technologies for of your website. They are as essential to your site as sugar is to your cake.

You can’t build today's website without these elements, and your web developer must be a professional in all three. What do they do? To put things in simple terms:  HTML is a language that makes up the content of your website and updates browser (like Online Traveler or Google Chrome) what to display on the website.

CSS is a language used to explain the demonstration (the look and formatting) of your site, and it updates browser what to display on your website. JavaScript is a programming language and within internet explorer mostly used to develop interactive results. These are client-side technologies. Client-side means that when you go to a website, the browser downloads HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

At that point, the browser provides (or processes) HTML and CSS and carries out (or runs) JavaScript. This happens on your computer; therefore, these technologies are client-side. Ajax or jQuery are also other client-side technologies, which are typically methods or libraries to expand and enhance JavaScript abilities.

Another client-side technology is Flash. Flash is one client-side technology that should be ignored. Adobe Flash was used traditionally to develop animated graphics and interactive experiences. It has been changed with HTML5/CSS3 - new editions that have built-in assistance for performance that was formerly only possible with Flash.

The most significant issue with Flash is that it is not reinforced by iOS (Apple’s working system) so parts of your website written in Flash won’t focus on iPhones or iPads. Finally, Flash is also not SEO friendly.

If you have plans to create a website, then you must have done some study, and this time you must be aware of open source platforms and technologies. Applying newest technologies into your site is now a leading requirement as the demands of your customers are also changing and you have to keep them pleased with modified services.

If you are familiar with open source, then the chances are high that you have even heard the term LAMP. It is short for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP and this is an open source web development platform that has Linux as its operating system, Apache as its web server, MySQL as the RDBMS and PHP as its object-oriented scripting language. The item can be easily downloadable for free or even bought with great support from the Linux distributors, and significant application players like IBM.

So let us check out this list of 5 Latest Web Development Technologies.

1. Angular 2 Fundamentals

Angular.js is a highly effective web development technology, which is also quite popular amongst web-developers. Recently, Angular.js went through an essential edition upgrade, and Angular 2 was released.

Angular two is today and cross-platform front-end framework which has maintained all the most essential functions of Angular.js. Besides, Angular 2 also provides additional features and abilities, such as smooth object orientation, effective assistance for mobile development, recyclable elements and incorporation of Flux and React.js.

2. JQuery

Mobile development is a niche field having a remarkable opportunity regarding career development. But, one of the most well-known difficulties experienced by mobile developers is to create mobile applications, and mobile websites work efficiently on several gadgets as well as techniques.

jQuery Mobile is one such highly effective application technologies which allows mobile developers to develop cross-platform mobile applications which functions on various mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. jQuery mobile applications support multiple mobiles operating-system, such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

3. PHP Cake Framework

PHP developers who want to create use of the power of PHP Cake Framework should look no further than the newest web development technology. ‘Build Web Applications with PHP Cake Framework’ is a suitable for developers who want to learn to develop modern web programs using Cake PHP framework.

Cake PHP is an open-source as well as advanced PHP framework providing numerous functions such as form validation, XSS prevention, CSRF protection, scaffolding and code generation.

4. Data Visualization Using D3JS

Data visualization is a critical facet of recent business procedures. It allows introducing information through visible interactive elements, such as statistical diagrams, pie charts, bar charts and more.

D3.js is a useful JavaScript library which uses HTML5, CSS3, and SVG requirements to allow data presentation in web browsers. One can display data using modern animation and conversion results.

With support for zooming/panning features and multiple layout types, D3.js is one of the widely used JavaScript libraries for introducing data in a variety of scenarios.

5. Laravel Framework In PHP

Laravel is one of the most effective and well-known, open-source PHP frameworks in the market. The newest form of Laravel framework is loaded with some modern and useful functions, such as queue library, object-relational mapping (ORM), routing, authentication and more.

So, create your website using latest technologies available and provide your message throughout the world through your site as the website is the face of your business which will represent your brand.

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