July 18, 2018

Best Dropshipping Tips for Newbies

The ecommerce game is a tough one, and the owner who have an online store can now just enjoy the newest business model for their shop: dropshipping. And it’s understandable, since dropship stores are low cost, give a lower risk and are the beginner’s new friend.

According to Google Trends, the interest in dropshipping has got up to 89% and we’re talking about companies such as Doba and Dropship Direct

Best Dropshipping Tips for Newbies: Easkme.com
Best Dropshipping Tips for Newbies: Easkme

The dropshipping apps will do nothing but help you in the dropshipping process and in delivering the best products. Dropship on Demand has by far the best tools to help you build your ecommerce business in no time.

There are some things you should know before opening your first online store. You’ll find the best tips on how to manage the dropshipping game.

Choose a niche

It’s best to go for a narrow niche when it comes to your first online store, just like Amazon did. If your story is too general, it would be harder to attract clients and to build your brand – remember that this is the key to site trust.

Ask yourself what you’re passionate about, then do some digging to find out the trends of the industry. Then think about the targeted audience. After, you’ll need to look at the demand and competition.

Find out who’s the best supplier

Remember that what you sell represents you. These next two steps show you how to pick the right supplier:

Make a list of suppliers. Check all the details that you have about the suppliers, including the products and their reviews. This way, you’ll make sure they’re credible,and the products are full of quality.

Take a look at the list again and narrow it down, by comparing the prices and guarantees. Also, see if they include epacket services.

Your website is your image

Dropshipping is known for cutting low the costs, but your website should still be the best on the internet. It takes a lot of time to build up customer experience – it’s easier to do it when you invest a bit in your home page, for example. If your store is optimized properly for both customers and SEO, things are already different.

Also, make sure that the description of the products has quality, not quantity and that it has no errors in spelling. The pictures should also have a good quality and your shipping and returns policies are crystal clear, for everyone to understand.

It’s best to do take a look again at the competition since you could also find inspiration for your own website. There are e-commerce Facebook groups full of people who are there to give you the best tips and help you at all times, especially if you’re new to the business.