September 10, 2018

Gold PR Review: The Best Digital PR Boutique in California

Social Media and Digital Marketing have changed how companies used to promote themselves.
However, the online marketing trends change from time to time, and it’s difficult to keep up with them.

Instead of chasing the trend, we should focus on our client’s needs. This is precisely what Gold PR has been doing for the past 15 years, and today it’s among the finest Digital PR agencies around the globe.

Gold PR Review: The Best Digital PR Boutique in California: eAskme

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Following, we are reviewing this boutique marketing agency and see how it impacted the marketplace.


“I’ve always believed that when we help our clients achieve success, we’ll be successful too. We are honored to be on the Inc. 5000 List.”

Shari Gold- CEO of Gold PR

Gold PR is a result driven agency which takes a holistic approach to entertain every client. This approach helped the agency win several accolades since its inception. Gold PR offers Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, and Digital Marketing Solution.

Majority of Gold PR’s clients serve Medical and Health Care, Consumer Products & Services, Hospitality & Leisure industries. Since its inception, Gold PR has won several accolades including American Business Awards, Bulldog Awards, and PR News Awards.

Company Profile

According to Shari Gold, the CEO of Gold PR, she started this company in the second bedroom of her apartment 15 years ago. The only thing that made Gold PR one of the leading marketing firms today is a commitment to excellence.

She founded the company in 2001 and used the do or die approach. After 17 years, her company operates two offices and boasts a growing team of award-winning professionals with revenue which exceeds $14.5 million annually.

According to her, Gold PR focuses on delivering smartdata-driven solutions which are customized and executed to achieve great results.

What Does It offer?

The Leading Southern California PR agency offers several marketing solutions. The company gives Public Relations, Social Media, and Digital Marketing. It employs a small group of selected people who work together to satisfy the client.

The company uses a data-driven approach and integrates brand communication across all marketing including traditional digital and social media. Gold PR translates its holistic approach into marketing campaigns and drives action and engagement to generate leads that convert into a sale.

The marketing campaigns are designed around a strong narrative and educate the customer about the brand,and its product through compelling storytelling.

How It Achieves Its Notion?

Gold PR employs a small group of diverse yet energetic individuals. The whole team consists of award-winning senior marketers, communication experts, social and digital marketers that are passionate about results. All of them are corporate refugees and used to be large agency executives.

Coming from different backgrounds and have worked in demanding environments before, they know the downfalls of big agencies and how they disappoint the clients due to unnecessary clutter.

This is why Gold PR remains transparent with the client and offers clear communication to all members of the team.  This provides their client the power to assess the ongoing campaign without an intermediary who doesn’t know what’s going on.

What So Special About It?

This company looks forward to move people and ideas into action. It measures the results in the form of strong brands, more sales, and favorable outcomes. The companies work to shape agendas, change opinions and mobilize the market to help their clients understand their goal.

It believes in collaboration and listening to the client before offering them any solutions. Gold PR doesn’t pursue volume. Instead, it focuses on how much it helped the client. It wants to change the market by emphasizing the quality provided to clients, instead of pursuing a sales volume. According to the brains behind Gold PR, this is the change we need in today’s marketplace.

Recent Developments

Gold PR has won several business awards recently. Moreover, it enjoyed a massive 124% revenue growth over the last three years. For a company that focuses on both business to business and business to customer, Gold PR is grounded in audience insight.

Gold PR is a company known for its excellent work in public relations, communication,and social media.It won the following accolades for its achievements,
  • 2018 Bronze Anvil Award
  • 2018 Bulldog Award- Bronze
  • 2018 American Business Awards- Gold
  • 2018 American Business Awards- Silver
The company also ranked #3172 in Inc. 5000 list of 2018.


We are in a society where big is always seen better. When it comes to marketing, this is no longer accepted. Instead, small, flexible and agile firms are taking help from established big name agencies. They may have a smaller staff,but they are more capable of providing dynamic marketing solutions.
Thanks to the smaller size, these agencies get to know their clients a lot better. This enables them to have a more in-depth analysis of the company and what it needs to offer an effective marketing approach. These companies also develop a strong agency-client relationship as the client has no clutter to deal with.

The company only focuses on serving a specified marketplace. Yes, it would appear as the company has selected a clientele or niche and wanted only to serve them. This client base is too exclusive. Marketing agencies tend to serve a broad client base.

However, this isn’t how Gold PR works,and we suspect this is one of the contributing factors behind its unprecedented success. As Gold PR grows, we expect it will start to entertain a few other industries or niches.

Final Word

Like it or not, the Boutique styled marketing firms are taking the lead from big agencies. These companies offer more viable solutions than big agencies. Yes, boutique marketing Digital PR firms are more efficient, and can quickly adapt to their client’s need. They don’t follow obsolete practices just because they worked a millennium before.

These firms recognize the changing market space and are changing along with it. This is proven by Gold PR’s unforgiving success in the past years. It provided excellent value to its client and helped them become an established name from emerging brands.

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