Data Is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing

The below line effect of traditional advertising and the rise of new social media marketing have led every single brand to go deep into the world of content marketing. More and more companies are kicking themselves as advertisers, publishers, launching podcasts and digital newsrooms known as branded content to stand with brands, value propositions and perspectives in front of the customers.
Data Is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing : eAskme
Data Is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing : eAskme
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Still there are companies which have added content creation in their strategies are missing one thing which is data journalism.  Data journalism is a new form of reporting which draws on availability of growing data sets and use data analysis tools to reveal stories which are presenting the compelling results with interactive applications and visualizations. If you still thinking that is it necessary, I should tell you that big names in newspaper industry such as The New York Times and The Guardian have invested massively in data journalism. They know already that there are huge possibilities that big data offers more opportunities to reveal uncover new insights to tell compelling stories.

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Data journalism attract attention which publishers hardly dream about. It spreads infographics and fresh data across social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. because those places are good to tell compelling and concise stories in visually appealing way.

I have already shared many times why infographics are important part of blogging and content marketing. Still original data which drives data visualizations is rarely available.

One of the best place to find infographics is Pinterest where you can easily see so many infographics and you will see that infographics are telling the story not any data visualization.

Even though companies has access to much more data than earlier still they don`t utilize it. there can be top notch information. Many times when you look at “data-driven content,” chances are that you won’t find much content to turn into blog posts, but this is for marketers who can utilize it for marketing purposes.

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There are exceptions where companies are using their own data to tell compelling stories, for example companies like Kickstarter, OKCupid and General Electric. These popular brands understands what every brand should be doing online.I have seen the impact of data driven from various sources even on sites of my clients and mine itself.

How & Why Data Is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing:

You may already know that  Infographics are one of the top shared content on social media. So to drive great traffic to your site and create data visualizations with real value to your readers, I recommend you to use infographics. But not just like a blog post. There is a saying power in data visualization. It is more effective if you choose title keywords carefully.

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There is a high rise in the number of brands who are also working as publishers to spread the content online. But most of them do this terribly. I have observed it that many times their posts are just for the sake of posting anything or just to raise keyword count, which actually have no good value to reader. Noone like the old stupid content to see again and again, so you should offer fresh, relevant and accurate content that add real value to the user experience.

Authority. Sharing, curating, and analyzing data:
First bring authority to your brand on a topic. If you are the first one who share an infographic about some latest trends in the market then it will unleash the immense amount of traffic and links to your site on that topic. That can even help you get rewards like interview requests and media mentions. only thing you need to be is crucial and let the report highlight your brand.

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If you have data analysis skills then you have the key to success. Many people do not use their analytical skills and they lack the benefit of analytic results. I recommend you to share your metrics and this will open a whole new perspective for your brand. You will see people talking about you and your brand, respond to their queries and you will gain loyal followers and subscribers.

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Now a days users are educated and understand the importance of data collected by companies, so data-driven content offers a much better way to people to see how companies are using their data. I recommend you to be transparent with your users as this will not only builds trust, but also to add  value to your brand.

Now you know that there is huge power in the data driven marketing, but still it is really under-used tool of marketers. if your company is collecting data and you do not analyze or use it that means your are letting a power source go down without even looking under your nose.

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