April 03, 2019

6 Slot Machine Tricks That Really Work!

Online slots games are very popular for all the right reasons. They are simple and easy to play, plus you stand a chance of winning one of the mega jackpots every time you engage in an online slots gaming session. There are plenty of games to choose from too, including classic titles like Lucky 7s and Mega Moolah.

6 Slot Machine Tricks That Really Work!: eAskme
6 Slot Machine Tricks That Really Work!: eAskme

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You can win a lot of money and be extremely profitable whenever you play online slots. To help you win more, here are the six slots machine tricks you need to try.

Choose Your Games

Choose your games: 6 Slot Machine Tricks That Really Work!: eAskme

There is another reason why online slots games are so popular, and that is the high return these games now offer.

When you look at the Return to Player (RPT) ratios of modern slots games, you will find many of them offer great odds.

These online slots games with high RTPs – 97% or more in some cases – are known as loose slots machines; the same concept was used by brick-and-mortar players when choosing slots machines to play.

Loose slots games pay more frequently, allowing you to be profitable in the long run.

Use Casino Bonuses

Use Casino bonus: 6 Slot Machine Tricks That Really Work!: eAskme

Thanks to the competitive gaming industry, finding great bonus offers to claim is easier than ever.

If you are an online slots enthusiast, you will also love the fact that many of the slots bonuses and free spins are available as no-deposit bonuses.

All you need to do to earn free spins is sign up for an account.

In other cases, you can make an initial deposit of as little as £1 to get hundreds of free spins.

Of course, you can use the free spins to pursue large casino jackpots and win big.

Play the Lines

The only way you can qualify for the big jackpots offered by today’s online slots is by playing all of the pay lines.

To do that without breaking your online casino bankroll, you need to choose slots machines that you can actually afford.

Penny slots games are just as profitable.

Only move to the higher bets when you know you have the bankroll to back up your pursuit. You’ll win more with bigger bets, plus you have more opportunities to score the main jackpot as you go along.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots: 6 Slot Machine Tricks That Really Work!: eAskme

Another thing to keep in mind when approaching slots games is the jackpot they offer.

Progressive slots games like Major Millions and Mega Moolah regularly have jackpots worth £100,000 and more. In fact, many of them come with jackpots worth more than £1 million.

These games are certainly worth playing. If the high RTPs of progressive slots games don’t interest you enough, the gigantic jackpots certainly will.

As mentioned before, you can play progressive slots even when using the free spins and bonus bankroll.

Manage Your Bankroll

Progressive Bankroll: 6 Slot Machine Tricks That Really Work!: eAskme

Speaking of using the bonus bankroll, you should always manage your bankroll when playing slots games online.

The goal of being more meticulous with your bankroll isn’t to limit the amount of fun you can have, but to be more profitable in the long run.

Here’s another secret you should know: you don’t always have to chase after your spins.

Yes, you can lose some money in some sessions, but you should always aim to be profitable in the long run.

Losing £10 in one session is not a problem if you can win £100 in the next.

Check the Side Games

Side Games: 6 Slot Machine Tricks That Really Work!: eAskme

There are also plenty of side games, bonus spins, and even random prizes you can win when playing online slots games.

These extra prizes can be just as rewarding as the main jackpot, which is why they are worth keeping an eye out for.

Some games offer side games that you can play in between spins.

Whether it is a round of scratch cards, a bonus spin when you hit a wildcard, or a mini-game that lets you win cash prizes, side games always make playing online slots more fun and rewarding.

The Don’ts

The secrets we discussed in this article will help you choose the right slots games to play, ways to approach the games properly, and win more in the long run.

Slots games are chance-driven, but that doesn’t mean you cannot influence your profitability whenever you play.

To complete the list, there are a few reminders and things to avoid, starting with playing high-wager slots when you don’t have enough money for the session.

You will end up not playing the maximum bets and not qualifying for the grand jackpot.

Skipping bonuses and free spins because of the wagering requirements is also a bad idea.

Free spins without deposit are easy to find and the wagering requirements are easier to meet than you think. Besides, the wagering requirements of top online casinos are getting lower.

Now that you have all the secrets – and a few things to avoid – you can find the best slots machines to play and start raking in winnings.

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