September 08, 2020

How to Successfully Market Your Coffee Shop?

A beautiful interior, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and a convenient location are almost all the ingredients that you need to create a fantastic coffee shop.

However, as the competition is enormous, you have to market your place to attract more people and gain loyal customers that come back to you.

How to Successfully Market Your Coffee Shop: eAskme
How to Successfully Market Your Coffee Shop: eAskme

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If you are just starting or have a limited budget, you should look at the options of free or low-cost advertising.

Here are some marketing tips that are going to help you with creating the café of your dreams.

Use Social Media

If you have not created a Facebook and Instagram page yet, do it right now. Whether you like it or not, social media has become one of the main sources of information for modern consumers.

While looking for the best cafés in the area, most people will search through social media.

If you have a specialty coffee shop, you should show what makes you stand out.

Take nice pictures and use hashtags to target your perfect customers.

Organize a Giveaway

Giveaways are a great and cheap solution to make social media accounts start buzzing about you.

You can give away brunch for two, a special type of coffee, a personalized thermal mug, or whatever you can offer.

This way, people start liking, commenting, and sharing posts from your social media page.

Start a Conversation with Your Customers

Generation Z and Millennials love sharing their lives on social media. Having coffee in a great cafe is an opportunity to take a nice picture and post it on Instagram and Facebook.

If they tag your place on their feeds, do not ignore them! Interact with people who are featuring you.

Give them a like, leave a comment, and share their pictures on your feed.

This way, you create more personal connections with clients and encourage them to come back to you.

Boost Reviews

Reviews not only tell other people that your coffee shop is good. They also help you to be more visible in Google Search.

The more positive reviews you get, the more possible it is that you will appear in a search result.

In general, people are more likely to leave a comment when they don't like something rather when they are happy about services or products.

This is why you might invest a bit of time in encouraging your satisfied customers to share reviews.

For example, you can share one positive review on your social media accounts with a thank you and a comment inspiring people to help you out by sharing their opinion.

You can also prepare some business cards or stickers with your logo and pages, where customers can share their reviews about your coffee shop.

Create a Loyalty Program

To keep your customers coming back to your place, you should also create a loyalty program. They are especially important for people who drink coffee daily.

One of the most popular loyalty programs is a punch card, on which you have to accumulate a particular amount of points to get a free beverage.

However, as old competitors constantly grow, and new ones pop-up out of nowhere, your coffee shop might need a more automated loyalty program.

Usually, they are in the form of a mobile app, through which your client can get an extra point for visiting your place, get special offers for their birthdays, or a newsletter with your newest products and special offers of the day.

As they are much more advanced than punch in cards, you should consider using the help of a company specialized in creating fully automated loyalty programs.

Refill Your Mug

People are getting more concerned about the environment and trying to reduce single-use plastic. It is also good news for your cafe.

You can create an offer of reusable mugs that your customers can bring to get a small discount on their coffee. In doing so, you can actually make more money on it, as you won't have to spend cash on the single-use cups.

Taking care of the planet is very important, and it also helps the image of your brand amongst those who are focused on the environment.

Learning how to market your coffee shop is important if you want to create a profitable brand. It would help if you reached for low-cost options that can boost your popularity.

Investing in a good loyalty program is an excellent idea if you want to use a more efficient option.

Increasing your customer retention for 5% can give you 25%-95% in revenue, so creating a loyalty program is the best option to increase your income rapidly.

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