October 03, 2015

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Run Contest & Sweepstakes on blog

Do you have a website and you want to make it more popular? Or Do you want to increase the number of your email subscribers?

If answer of any of these question is YES, then you should consider running a sweepstake or an online contest on your website. This will not only increase your email subscribers and make your site more popular but also help you gain more attention and more followers around the world.

5 Best WordPress Plugins to Run Contest & Sweepstakes on blog : eAskme
5 Best WordPress Plugins to Run Contest & Sweepstakes on blog : eAskme
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Okay, so now you may ask how to start a contest on your website?

You cant just post about contest to make a contest successful, as noone care  about the contest until they already know there is something interesting for them.

So first thing is to make a plan, promote your event, run contest and finally announce the winner.

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If you think it takes a lot to run a contest, Don`t worry I make it little interesting for you. Today I am going to share about the top 5 best WordPress plugins to run contest and sweepstakes on blog or website.

These are few of the free and excellent plugins which are available for you to run giveaways, sweepstakes or contests.

Now lets see what are these 5 best WordPress plugins to run sweepstakes and contests on your blog?

5 Best WordPress Contests plugin to boost your readershi

Social Contests:

Social Contests is an awesome WordPress plugin for creating promotional campaigns including referral promotions, essay contests, photo contests, vote contests, sweepstakes etc. To use any campaign, you just need to purchase one Wishpond plan.

They also offer 14 day trial. This plugin comes with variety of templates to run sweepstakes and contest. It is possible for you to create your own template or edit any existing template according to your need.

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You should also promote your contest in your twitter and Facebook pages. By using Social Contest plugin, you will enjoy specially developed entry pages for all type of mobile devices. Your Wishpond plan will also save data of participants such as Name, gender, Age, Location, email address etc.

2. ContestFriend for WordPress

ContestFriend is another for WordPress plugin which provides an easy way to run sweepstakes and contests on your website. You can also use basic HTML tags in the tinyMCE editor of the contest description field. You can easily add markup to take the focus on main points. You can even add disclaimer link.

The design section of ContestFriend plugin allows you to control event appearance. You can choose headline text, description and background color etc. You can even allow participants to share your contest on social media platforms to increase their chance of winning this contest.

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You can also limit the number of entries per referral and number of winners. You can see preview of contest before launching it on your site.

3. ContestHopper for WordPress

ContestHopper is also one of the simplest WordPress plugin to run giveaways, sweepstakes or contests on your blog. It has not been updated from long time, still it does the job in good way.

The ContestHopper for WordPress allows you to choose fonts and font colors for your background, description and headline.

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You can allow participants to earn extra points by referring or sharing contest on their social networks. This will help you boost social media sharing. You can also display the start and end date of the contest.

You can even add disclaimer and contest rules and choose random or specific winner.

4. Pick Giveaway Winner

Pick Giveaway Winner is one of the top choice when it comes to run a sweepstake or giveaway on your WordPress site or blog. Pick Giveaway Winner plugin automatically selects a winner from comments of specific post.

It is really easy to use this plugin. You just need to install and activate it and then under tools menu a new sub-menu 'Pick Giveaway Winner’ will be created .
  • Go to Tools 
  • Pick Giveaway Winner 
  • You will see drop-down list of all posts. 
  • Select the post.
5. WordPress InviteBox Plugin

WordPress InviteBox Plugin is a unique WordPress plugin for creating awesome social referral programs. These programs are powered by InviteBox. You need to have an InviteBox account to use this plugin. It offers a free trial. You should know that referral programs are very powerful tool to attract more users, followers or subscribers for your blog or website.

WordPress InviteBox Plugin allows you to provide incentives such as sweepstakes, referral contest, goal-based rewards, giveaways, instant reward etc. WordPress InviteBox also allows you to set your own rules for the contests.

For the giveaway and sweepstakes this plugin automatically monitor participant behavior.

Make Your Choice Wisely:

Contests and sweepstakes are best when you are planning to build audience or want to run promotions. These plugins are here to help you to enjoy running such promotions.

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Final Words:
So now you are familiar with the list of 5 best WordPress plugins to run contest and sweepstakes on your blog or website. Do share which one you like the most and why? If you have any questions or suggestion about running sweepstakes or contests, feel free to share with via comments.