December 29, 2020

Creative Fundraising Ideas To Raise Money for a Cause or Business

Fundraising is a way to collect money in donations to support a business, idea or cause. During the fundraising campaign, you will get donations from individuals, charitable foundations, corporations, government agencies, social service communities, etc.

The primary purpose of fundraising is to arrange money for the cause when you lack the finances.

To get best results from a fundraiser you need to have some skills such as storytelling skills, organization skills, communication skills, social media skills, creative thinking, project management skills, sales and negotiation skills, etc.

Creative Fundraising Ideas To Raise Money for a Cause or Business: eAskme
Creative Fundraising Ideas To Raise Money for a Cause or Business: eAskme

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Not only the non-profit organizations but professionals, businesses and even startups can run fundraisers to support their work. For example, Los Angeles movers can also create a fundraiser to help their employees during pandemic or Lockdown.

Here I am sharing the most popular fundraising ideas:

T-Shirt Fundraisers

T-shirt fundraisers work like a win-win situation for both.

The doner gets t-shirt for donating, the creator will raise money for the cause by selling T-shirts online.

You need to look for a T-Shirt fundraising platform to launch your fundraising campaign. Be creative and share the cause, why you are running a fundraiser.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising:

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is another popular and widely used fundraising idea.

You need volunteers who can create pages and share those pages with friends or on social networks to raise funds for you.

Most of the NGO’s are using this type of fundraising campaigns. But you to invest a fair amount of money in raising funds with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising.

Crowdfunding Campaign:

The crowdfunding campaign is one of the most popular fundraising ideas. It is also the most straightforward fundraising strategy.

But to raise funds with the crowdfunding campaign, you must have the clear goal and an emotionally inspiring story.

Many fundraising websites support Crowdfunding campaigns.

Startup Fundraiser:

Startup fundraisers have gained popularity in the past few years.

A person with a creative business idea or product idea can launch a startup fundraising campaign to arrange money for research, development, or production.

In return, he can also provide donors with the first few items produced by his startup business.

For example, an infloor heating manifold startup can launch a fundraiser to find people interested in supporting heating manifold business.

You can also send them samples of your final product.

Cute Baby Contest:

Running a cute baby content also works as a fundraising idea. You can launch the contest and ask participants to share their childhood photos.

The best or most childish photo will win the final price.

But only donors can participate in this content. This way, you will attract people who want to share their childhood pics to participate in the contest.

Health Fundraising:

Health issues are common. Yet, there are illness that requires costly treatment or sometimes people cannot afford the health benefits.

In such a situation, health fundraisers help the patient and his family.

Some sites allow health fundraising.

All you need is the doctor or hospital's report, photo of the patient, and payment details.


These are the few creative and most popular online fundraising ideas.

You can learn more about creative fundraising ideas.

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