January 13, 2021

Vape 101: Nicotine Vapes Vs. Weed Vapes

By Sona Mathews

Before you start looking for your next vaporizer, you should know the difference between the two types of vapes.

Nicotine vapes tend to be the choice for people looking to shed their smoking habit, because this vape, a small battery-operated gadget that can usually fit into your palm, gives users the nicotine buzz without reeking of smoke.

Choose from zero to five percent nicotine among flavors from the standard tobacco to sweet treats.

Vape 101: Nicotine Vapes Vs. Weed Vapes: eAskme
Vape 101: Nicotine Vapes Vs. Weed Vapes: eAskme

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Cannabis vapes can either be battery-operated gadgets or bigger contraptions that can be placed on the table connected to a power socket.

Weed vapes usually take CBD, THC, dry herbs, or concentrates.

Besides these typical products that people use, the more adventurous ones even puff on herbs, vitamins, and even coffee; and you can check out Moreish Puff for a good recommendation.

While these substances may be less known, they can be vaped as long as the substances are compatible with the heating mechanism in the vaporizer of choice.

The most popular vape pen works with both nicotine and weed, which is the reason for its ubiquity.

Nicotine vapes

Vape 101: Nicotine Vapes Vs. Weed Vapes: eAskme
Vape 101: Nicotine Vapes Vs. Weed Vapes: eAskme

Nicotine vapes are normally associated with e-cigarettes because they resemble the pen-sized sticks, but did you know that there are other kinds of nicotine vapes beyond it?

1. E-cigarettes

Normally the entry point for smokers’ first foray into vaping, how e-cigarettes work is similar to smoking from a pack of cigarettes and disposing of each stick when you are done with it.

Because of this convenience factor, travelers or those with packed schedules prefer using e-cigarettes, which also can inject each puff with high nicotine.


Pocket-sized, inconspicuous, perfect for first-timers, inexpensive


Not the most environmentally-friendly, so-so flavor, single-use

2. Pod vapes

Typically a two-component gadget comprising a battery and a replaceable pod, pod vapes are sensible as an option among the many vapes out there.

These value-for-money vapes produce flavor more intense than what you would get with e-cigarettes.

Plus, they can also take nicotine salt e-liquid, which means you would feel the nicotine buzz more effectively.


Portable, refillable, inconspicuous, button- or draw-operated, perfect for first-timers


Varied efficacy across different devices, batteries need to be charged often, little vapor

3. Box mods

Progressing from the sleek, pen-shaped vapes, box mod kits are bigger in size and deliver even greater quality compared to their smaller counterparts.

Separate vape batteries prolong battery duration on this type of vape.

Box mod kits usually feature settings and options to change the wattage and temperature on the vape.

The tanks that come with them are either mouth to lung clearomizers or direct lung sub-ohm tanks.

A box mod kit normally will have a one-battery mod with customizable wattage and temperature settings, with a mid-range sub-ohm tank.


Great quality, variety of choices, durable internal or external batteries, tanks can be interchanged


Costly, difficult to use, caters to intermediate vapers

4. Regulated squonk starter kits

This type of set-up has risen in popularity over recent years.

While it is the most complicated vape among the four nicotine types, it lets users efficiently top up their atomizer with e-liquid.

A squonk starter kit comes with a squonk capable box mod, which contains a bottle linked to the atomizer deck through a shallow 510, and a bottom-fed RDA.

Squonk kits typically only have one battery because where another battery would be fixed sits a bottle instead. However, dual-battery kits are still on the market.


Peak quality, customizable, greater volume limit, more liquid storage, more intense flavor


Advanced set-up, contains many small parts, maintenance needed for optimal flavor quality

Cannabis and CBD vapes

Cannabis and CBD vapes: eAskme

Just like the many smoking attachments invented for people to enjoy their fix, a plethora of vaporizers are available in stores for users to peruse.

The two major categories of vapes are desktops, which are usually stationary, and portables, which are usually smaller in size.

Dry herb and wax products normally produce more intense flavors using desktop vaporizers, but there are portable options too.

1.CBD vape pens

A portable pen-shaped gadget that is definitely easier to carry around than the usual mod and tank vape, CBD vape pens can be refilled with CBD e-juice in a tank that is fixed to a 510 thread rechargeable battery.

Some types let users vape direct to their lungs while the rest use a tight mouth to lung draw.


Portable, inexpensive, discreet, greater bioavailability compared to tinctures, durable battery life


One-time use, little vapor

2. Weed/THC oil pens

Weed vape pens are the upgraded version of earlier versions of vape pens. They contain a small battery that heats oil in a chamber with heating elements, which converts concentrates into vapor.


Portable, convenient, low-key, minimal smell, good for personal use, beginner-friendly


Expensive, multiple charges, low power, maintenance needed

3. Portable cannabis vaporizers

These conveniently-sized vapes take dry herb, which are perfect for working with legal high-CBD strains. Temperature settings have been calibrated to produce optimal weed flavor.


Small, low-key, good for sharing or personal use, minimal smell, beginner-friendly


Battery runs out quick, made up of a few parts, maintenance needed

4. Desktop vaporizers

Usually convection heating types, these advanced contraptions work by circulating hot air around the chamber to vaporize the intensity of the marijuana contained inside.

The temperature settings can be toggled according to your preference, while you take in the vapor using a tube called a whip or vaporizer bags.


With the many options available to you, it can be slightly overwhelming having to commit to just a single vape.

Besides deliberating on the type of look you like in a vape, what you ought to consider before making your purchase are also the qualities in a vape you value, the price range you would consider, and whether you prefer a vape with one or two, or multiple, parts.

Although a desktop vaporizer might look more impressive or give you the intense kick you are craving, you might be someone who is constantly on the go and who would get better use out of a smaller pen.

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