March 21, 2021

How to Control Losses on Investments

The investment process, unlike trading, is long-term and has many different aspects that affect the process. The losses are more likely to be more often because of one simple reason, it is spread over several years.

How to Control Losses on Investments: eAskme
How to Control Losses on Investments: eAskme

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Even successful investors are not protected from failure and losses, however, technological advancements have made it possible to minimize them with different aspects.

The article will review the several ways that help or will help the investor to minimize the loss if they use it.

Top-loss orders

In today’s marketplace, restricting your losses is simple to do thanks to technology.

Considering how crazy and volatile the world is, the stop-loss order should be a ready tool in your investing and risking arsenal.

The method is knowing when to place a stop-loss order, how long it should be in effect, and how far to place the stop loss-order from the stock’s (or exchange-traded funds) market price.

Employ trailing stops

The trailing stop is a stop-loss plan that essentially tracks the stock price like a large tail as the stock price zigzags upward.

The moment the stock exchanges and falls, the trailing stop-loss order stays put at the most recent level is reached.

When and if the stock does hit that stop-loss price level, the trailing pause turns into a market order and the stock will be sold.

At that point, you’ve avoided additional losses.

Hedging strategy

The best time to consider a hedging strategy is before a major market reversal.

A hedging strategy is basically knowing what is necessary to save gains or simply to limit the downside.

A hedging strategy differs depending on the term of the expected fall.

For corrections, you consider hedging by buying put options, for example.

Forbear markets, you look to sell and be in cash.

Hold Cash Reserves

The qualified investor always has cash on the sidelines.

Some extra cash is like secret protection; it’s also saving mercy when your positions are down, and you need money for some unforeseen expense.

Every trader’s dream is to figure out a sure fire no loss Forex strategy and some even believe that the way they set their trade is an always-win strategy but the realistic side of this is not based on valid arguments.

Due to the fact that there is no investor without the loss, beginner investors should try searching for the tools or aspects that would help them to minimize the losses because any financial process can be conducted without losing a certain amount.

Sell and Switch

When your stock is down, can you do a two-step that can save you on taxes and set you up for a profitable rebound?

Stay on your unrealized gains and losses and see whether there are opportunities for tax benefits, given what is happening in your case.

Maybe you have an opportunity to sell a losing position in your portfolio to book a capital loss.

Realized capital losses are frequently tax-deductible


You should keep in mind there are many different ways and alternatives.

When you have a stock in thought that you’ll be investing in, you should list or examine the alternatives that could accompany your investment choice and help you limit or even reverse a potential loss.

Using leveraged ETFs is a good example of this approach.

A leveraged ETF is a risky vehicle that seeks to emulate double or even triple the move of the underlying asset.

Preparing exit strategy

Stocks are expected to be a means to an end.

You get stocks either for income or gains, maybe both.

If you have a great stock and you’ve been getting great dividends, year after year, then an exit strategy is either not a consideration or not a major concern.

You develop an exit strategy for that type of holding in case you really need the money for concern outside the realm of investing, such as funding college for your grandchild or buying that retirement home with all cash, no mortgage. Retirement Investments will help you to invest on your own terms.


Finally, to sum up, due to the fact that investment is a long-term process, the chances of losing are higher in this case, because important events are happening weekly, let alone the year period.

Because of this and based on the experience, there were outlined several aspects that could lower the risks of losing while investing, and finding the best solution for its situation, is up to the investor based on its own strategy and plan.

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