October 06, 2020

How to Arrange Finance for Blogging Business?

How much it cost to start a blogging business? How to arrange finance to start a blog or run a blogging business smoothly? These are the most common questions that every person has in his mind.

Finance or investment is the first thing that every online or offline business need from you. No matter you are launching a new business blog or running an old business website, you always need to invest some money, time and efforts to grow.

How to Arrange Finance for Blogging Business: eAskme
How to Arrange Finance for Blogging Business: eAskme


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If you are also one of those who want to start blogging business, then you should understand everything about blogging, including how to arrange finance.

Note: Blogging do not require a million-dollar investment, a person with professional goals can start a blog with by investing $100 only. This price can go less or high depending on the quality and reliability factors.

But sometimes, it is not easy to arrange even $100, to start a new business.

There are many roadblocks that come in front of you when arranging finance for blogging business.

Here are the Most Common Roadblocks

Here are the Most Common Roadblocks: eAskme


If you are a student or housewife or someone dependent on family or husband, then you will find it difficult to ask them an extra $100 to start an online business.

Most people can give you money for anything except when you are trying to run work from home business.

If you are a shy person then also you will hesitate to ask $100 help from your family or friends.


I have met many people during my blogging journey, who always complain about that they do not have money to start blogging business even when they want to do it.

But on the other side, they are spending thousands of dollars every month on fashion and leisure.

To run a successful blogging business and to arrange finance for your blog, you need to focus on your goal only.


Every living person is afraid of one or more things in his life.

The fear of losing money is the biggest setback.

Even if you want to start blogging for money, yet if you may have this fear that what will happen if your blog will not see any success?

This doubt will fill your mind with the fear of losing money, and you will not be able to arrange finance and invest in to start a new professional blog.

These 3 are the most common reasons why 90% of people fail to arrange finance for starting a new blog.

If you can overcome from these roadblocks, then the next thing is to understand how much you need for starting a blog and how quickly you can arrange finance for running a professional a-list blog.

How much money do you need to start a blogging business?

How much money do you need to start a blogging business: eAskme

This is the very first thing that you need to understand before arranging finance.

Your expense to start blogging depends upon how much you want to invest in the following:

  • Brand-able Domain name (From $10-$10,000)
  • Premium WordPress theme (From $5-$500)
  • Reliable WordPress Hosting (From $10-$1200 Annually)

How to Arrange Finance to Start a Profitable Blogging business?

Here is the easiest way to arrange finance for blogging:

Ask Parents:

If you are dependent on your family or parents, then the best way is to ask them to help you by funding your blogging business.

Usually, you will get $100 easily from your parents to invest in blogging.

But if they do not understand blogging, then you have another job, and that is to make them know the profits of the blogging business.

Ask Friends:

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

I have also started blogging with the help of my friend, and this idea will also work for you.

If you have the best friend in the world, then he/she will surely support your idea to start work from home business such as blogging.

The best thing about your friends is that you already know who can help you and who is capable of helping you.

Take Loan:

Taking a loan of $100 may sound funny, but your need is most important than anything else.

But, only choose this option if the first two will not help you.


Fundraising is one of the most commonly used methods to raise fund for start-up businesses.

To raise funds for your blogging business, you must have a unique idea that will help the people. If people find your idea interesting, then you can easily arrange massive funds from blogging fundraisers.

As to start a blog, you do not need thousands of dollars; this means that you can easily arrange funds by just using your brain and the tips I have shared here.

Now once you have the funds with you, do not spend them on things that are not productive.

Stay focused and uses the funds only to invest in the blogging business. This will help you quickly scale the business and turn your blog into a brand.

Final Words:

Raising funds for the blogging business is not tough. You can start a blog with little help and little investment. But as you grow, you may need more funds.

For this, you can monetize your blog and start investing what you earn from the blogging efforts.

If you want to know how to monetize your blog for money, then here are the guide to help you;
Unique Ways to Monetize Your Blog

When you invest in the right way, you will get better results.

 If you still have any question, ask me via comments.

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