March 22, 2021

Swift Programming Language: Pros and Cons for iOS Development

Pros and Cons of Swift

Developers in use this programming language to write mobile applications for phones, smart watches and Apple computers.

The creators have put a lot of effort into making Swift code more expressive and easier to understand.

The developer can immediately track the results of their creativity by looking at individual parts of the code, so-called. Interactive Playgrounds.

Swift Programming Language: Pros and Cons for iOS Development: eAskme
Swift Programming Language: Pros and Cons for iOS Development: eAskme

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If it takes a lot of time to execute the code, then the process can be monitored on a special line of the back report that appears for this.

After the code has been improved, and the algorithm is fine-tuned, the developer simply moves it into his project.

Playgrounds can be useful not only in terms of simplifying the development procedure, but also for honing your skills in using Swift.

In the meantime, openly negative opinions regarding Swift are also appearing on the Web.

There are fears that this is a dead-end development path and Swift will never gain popularity.

After all, even before that there were many programming languages ​​that were created precisely with the aim of making life easier for programmers and simplifying the learning process.

And not one of them managed to cope with the tasks assigned to him to the end.

All that their creators managed to achieve is simply to increase the already considerable number of programming languages.


And the pro also formulated 5 reasons to learn how to program in Swift:

Reason # 1. Flexibility.

Swift works great on Apple operating systems - iOS and macOS, but not limited to.

It is also suitable for development for "operating systems" with open source Linux, and some craftsmen have even adapted it to Android.

Reason # 2. Openness.

You yourself can participate in the development of this language: last year Apple opened its source code.

And thanks to the direct participation of the programming community, it becomes more functional and stable every day.

Reason # 3. Simplicity

Simplicity is one of the top reasons of this language and in the center of attention.

The code in Swift is very simple, as this language is intuitive for every programmer - its accessibility and flexibility were the key goals of Apple.

In addition, there are many self-paced Swift programming courses online, offered by Stanford University, Coursera, Treehouse, and others.

Reason # 4. Functionality.

Inheriting the important features of the previous "apple" languages ​​- C and Objective-C, Swift brings a lot of new functionality.

It is fast, secure, flexible, and able to help a skilled developer solve almost any problem.

Reason # 5. Convenience.

Swift is compatible with a wide variety of tools and systems: if you don't like the Xcode development environment, you can use AppCode or even your favorite text editor.

In addition, an integrated ecosystem has been formed for Swift, ensuring the interoperability of code written in Objective-C and Swift, as well as testing the results using platforms like Quick.


  1. Interaction with all the other languages is bot that great. As a result this slows down the the whole process of development.

  2. New materials have to be learned all the time as there are constant updates.

  3. Compilation sowed is really a problem, but it can be solved and soon it's promised to be so;

  4. It's really hard task to find a skilled and talented developer who has enough experience to build Swift apps. But in Fireart Studio there are such. They are ready to help and figure out any task.

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