March 23, 2021

7 Top IT Consulting in Firms LA 2024

By Sona Mathews

You probably would have heard about career consulting and legal consulting so far. Ever wondered what this IT Consulting is all about? IT Consulting is an emerging industry in the world of business.

Companies require IT services for a number of activities that are crucial to any business.

They include consultation on lawsuits, infrastructure capacity planning, implementation of monitoring platforms, network designing and infrastructure refreshment projects. 

Tired of having computers fixed that keep freezing and looking for a permanent solution to speed up computers for you?

So, if you want to distinguish yourself among your competitors, this is high time to decide what IT services in Los Angeles you want.

You own a large firm with hundreds of employees or run a small business, following IT consulting firms offer small business IT services as well as corporate sector IT services.

7 Top IT Consulting in Firms LA 2024: eAskme
7 Top IT Consulting in Firms LA 2024: eAskme

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Los Angeles is headquartered with several big business names like The Walt Disney Company, CBRE Group, Inc.

Here is the list of top IT consulting firms in Los Angeles 2024.

1.AllSafe IT:

Contributing to business in strategic technology services  for more than 15 years.

Winner of Expertise Best IT managed service providers in Los Angeles 2024, Top IT provider certification from UPCity and the list of awards goes on.

They offer their clients highly customized services as per demand led by a team of professional and IT experts. They ensure their services are responsive and timely.

Their aim is to save you IT cost and leave you worry free about the cyber attacks keeping your data in the safest storage.

Currently they are working with retail businesses, architecture firms, real estate, financial services, non profit organizations etc. they listen to your requirements and offer the best suitable solutions within your budget constraints and considering the nature of the business.


Its tagline says, “Let’s talk about how we protect your valuable business assets.”

It is one of the best solutions for your IT security.

They come up with a huge number of IT services. Their maintenance services make sure your network is safe, secure and fast enough.

Their experienced and technical consultants understand your business requirements and provide excellent data backup services because they understand how crucial and valuable your business data is since hackers are always up to trying to knock in and create chaos but they safeguard your data for you and is a total value for every single dollar spent.

If you are a small business owner and concerned about cyber hacking and you are going to hire an IT consultant, make sure to look for advisory, technical and business skills in the consultant.

43% of worldwide cyber attacks were against small businesses.

This figure is enough to realize the protection of your business assets.

They help you save money and grow business while being efficient enough to respond to changes of cloud computing.


Awarded with clutch winner award for 2020 and declared leading IT service provider by Clutch as well as many other certifications are the proofs of it being the best of its competitors in the industry.

This is a perfect choice for both IT services and IT security.

Their skilled team is passionate enough to lead your enterprise to a high level productivity, scalability and security.

It offers specialized solutions for your IT services, cyber security, strategic IT counseling and cloud stations.

They believe in doing IT right with innovative IT managed services all there to help and meet the needs of your business.

They seek your engagement in the consultation process and keep you up to date with the level of security.


SADA SYSTEMS joined the world of IT in 2000. It has 2 dealing offices, one headquartered in Los Angeles and another in Washington.

System integration, software development, and cloud consulting are their specialties and with a former clients’ list of having Colgate, Papa Johns and Virgin mobile.

One extremely good thing about this company is that they modify tehri strategy to meet the demands of their clients the way they like and that is because 300 plus employees are trained to cater the demands of the clients and prioritize them.

They prefer having a say from the client before initiating with their insights.


Headquartered in New York with an office based in Los Angeles is the next best choice for hiring IT consulting services.

Their talented and qualified team has a good knowledge and experience of BI and Big Data, Cloud, IT Consulting and Artificial Intelligence which is the need of the hour nowadays.

Their former clients include the New York Times, Capital One, AARP, HBO etc.


Specialised in CRM consulting and SI and founded recently in 2017, Cloudsquare is an emerging name in Los Angeles.

They are expert in designing, developing and implementing an amazing Salesforce system, they keep their client engaged throughout the operations and process until the integration is completed.

Their valuable clients served include Digital Domain, Real Vision, Ausin etc.


Serving the IT industry since 2001, Affirma consulting has successfully expanded its business not only in the United States but in India, Ireland and Reno too.

They serve in the field of Business Intelligence, Salesforce, CRM, Designing, Marketing as well as web and mobile developing. Getting served by Affirma is always an immense pleasure for its clients.

Microsoft, Expedia, Pokemon and Money Tree are its top happy clients.

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