March 07, 2024

Moving Piano Without Professional Movers in the Bay Area

Piano is not a doddle to move from one place to another. A piano weighs somewhere between 200 and 1200 pounds, it can even be more than this, and it is one of the costliest furniture you can own.

Moving a piano in the Bay Area is a very daunting task, you would require proper equipment, and a hard working team.

Moving Piano Without Professional Movers in the Bay Area: eAskme
Moving Piano Without Professional Movers in the Bay Area: eAskme

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Also, you have to be very careful while disassembling and assembling, and proper care will be needed while moving as you can hurt yourselves in the process.

Of course, hiring a moving company in the Bay Area can be the easiest thing you can do, but if you have decided to do this task by yourself, then here is a piano moving guide that you can follow to move a piano without many difficulties.

Get necessary equipment:

First of all, you need to arrange some equipment, supplies, and materials to move the piano safely. We will be discussing these things at this point.

Get a lot of blankets to avoid any scratches on the floor.

If you don’t want the blankets to unsnarl and increase your work, then buy a lot of tapes to keep the blankets in place.

If your piano is a grand piano, you will need equipment like a skid board, and straps or locking belts to make sure that the piano doesn’t move.

For an upright piano, you’ll need a dolly. But get a dolly that can support heavy weight.

Other things like screwdriver can also be in your list if you are planning to disassemble the piano.

Ask your friends to help you:

You will need two to four people to move the piano even if you don’t want to hire a moving company.

So you can ask your friends to help you out in this task.

Even if one or two friends agree to lend a helping hand, your task will become a lot easier.

You can arrange a get together or a moving party for your friends, arrange for food and drinks, so you can enjoy with your friends and work as well.

Take proper measurements beforehand:

If you plan everything beforehand, then things will be sorted for you.

So make a checklist of all the things that you need, and take all the proper measurements.

For instance, if the piano doesn’t fit in the doorway and you start moving it without measuring it before, then it will cause trouble.

So take all the proper measurements beforehand with the help of a measuring tape to check whether you will be able to move easily through the doors, staircases, and hallways.

Also, remove all the objects on the way to move the piano easily. Also, you can cover all the sharp edges, to avoid things getting damaged.

How to move a grand piano:

There are some simple steps that you need to follow to move a grand piano. Several people would be required for this job.

Some would hold the piano from falling on the sides, and others would remove the legs.

After removing all the parts, then you can place it on the board, and then sustain it with the help of straps.

And after you move it, reassemble it and clean it properly.

I hope these tips will help you out in moving the piano easily. Here is a small guide that you can go through to move the piano with ease.

Guide to move a piano yourself

Read these simple steps to move the piano:

Disassembling the instrument will make a lot of things easier, so disassemble the parts with a screwdriver, and remove the lid, lyre, and pedal.

Wrap the parts and keep the screws in a separate bag.
Repeat the same process with other parts as well.

After you have removed all the parts, put the main body on the skid board, and use straps to fix it in its place. You can even make your own board. It will help you in saving money.

When using a dolly, make sure that the weight of the piano is evenly distributed on it.

Moreover, ensure that everything is secure and safe when you load the piano on the truck.

These are some Don’ts that you should keep in mind.


Here is a list of Don’ts

Don’t wear baggy clothes:

If you are moving a piano, then don’t wear baggy and loose clothes because your clothes get caught in the instrument.

Moreover, make sure that the people helping you are wearing baggy clothes, you can inform everyone in advance.

And you should wear slip-proof shoes.

Don’t wear jewellery:

Along with not wearing baggy clothes, don’t wear any jewellery like bracelets, and necklaces while moving a piano, as there will be tight spaces and things like baggy clothes and jewellery can be a problem.

Don’t move the piano by yourself:

Never make the mistake of moving the piano by yourself as a piano is very heavy.

For instance the lightest piano weighs almost 300-400 pounds. So moving a piano alone is almost impossible.

Along with several people, you will require the right tools to move a piano in the Bay Area.

The risk and the dangers of moving the piano increases when the stairs are involved.

Don’t reassemble the piano immediately:

After you have moved the piano, don’t reassemble the piano immediately.

This is because the piano has to adjust the environment and humidity of the new place.

Experts suggest tuning the piano four times in the first year and one to two times in the second year.

Know the exact location where you’d to place the piano:

Identify and finalize the location of the piano well in advance because the piano is very heavy and it is very difficult to relocate it again and again.

Moving a piano is not an easy task especially in the Bay Area. But these steps can help you in making this task easy.

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