March 07, 2024

How Can Your Restaurant's Renovations Help Your Business Grow?

Food might be the focal point of the restaurant business, but most people dine out for the experience.

Whether you’re going for a romantic ambience or a family-friendly setting, the look and feel of your restaurant can determine your success.

Remodeling your restaurant can increase your company’s revenue by 7 to 20 percent.

How Can Your Restaurant's Renovations Help Your Business Grow?: eAskme
How Can Your Restaurant's Renovations Help Your Business Grow?: eAskme
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While you might be worried about the up-front costs, a well-planned investment will pay off in the long run.

Making a few adjustments to your establishment’s design or layout can be an easy way to attract customers.

Boost your business growth with these remodeling tips.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint:

As simple as it is, just changing the color of your restaurant can make it feel like a whole new place.

You might want to highlight your diner’s vintage theme, or make an older building look more sleek and modern.

The hue you choose can also affect your customers’ overall experience.

People are psychologically drawn to certain colors for specific reasons.

Red can invoke a sense of warmth and welcome, whereas blue tends to make guests feel more calm and secure.

How Can Your Restaurant's Renovations Help Your Business Grow?: eAskme

Swap Out Old Furniture:

A small tear in a bar stool cushion can ruin the appearance of your entire facade.

Even if your furniture is in good condition, a few new tables or an entryway seating arrangement will make a huge difference.

Nowadays, many people use visual platforms like Instagram and Yelp to influence their dining decisions.

If you want your establishment to stand out, try to incorporate photo ready design elements.

Installing a decorative wall can help your business grow through social media alone.

If customers want to take pictures in your restaurant, you’ll benefit from the free advertising.

Add a hashtag to your menus for even more exposure.

Install Eye-Catching Light Fixtures:

The bulbs and mountings you use to brighten your restaurant are worth more than you’d expect.

How you choose to light up your business can determine the mood.

Minimalist sconces paired with bright bulbs create a crisp and contemporary image.

Warmer incandescent bulbs go well with unconventional or old-fashioned lamps for a trendy, down-to-earth atmosphere.

If you want to create a romantic mood, opt for ambient lighting.

If your restaurant features special artwork or design elements, use task lights to highlight notable pieces. 

Build Something Timeless:

Even if your restaurant already has a set theme, you should think about how your new design will age over time.

Depending on your financial situation, a remodel might require a sizable investment.

You can finance your venture in a variety of ways, including taking out an auto title loan.

But, regardless of how much you need to spend, you should keep the longevity of your investment in mind.

Certain changes, like furniture and artwork, can be easily swapped and replaced.

Building out a new banquet room or redoing the bathrooms, however, are more permanent.

If you want to expand your restaurant for scaling purposes, create a space that can be used for many purposes.

Rather than installing static booths, consider using mobile tables that can be rearranged or combined to accommodate different group sizes.

Add a Retail Space:

Do you have any signature sauces or coffee blends you can make available for sale? You can turn that into a lucrative, and aesthetically pleasing addition to your restaurant.

All you need is some strategically-placed shelves and decorative elements to make your products pop.

If you already sell merchandise, this can be a low-cost way to spice up the appearance of your business.

Consider covering an entire wall with what you have to offer.

Using branded labels that align with your current atmosphere and design can completely change your restaurant’s look.

Running a restaurant is more than putting plates on tables.

Creating an inviting and enticing environment can turn a customer’s first visit into a weekly routine.

Build you business from the inside out by making a few renovations.

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