July 08, 2021

15-Year Term Life Insurance and Its Benefits

Life insurance is an essential form of protection for families, dependents, and even friends who rely on the insured financially and beyond.

However, the financial protection it provides can be too burdening for some, making it wise to choose more limited policies for the most important, risky periods of life.

For example, many people decide that they would prefer to save on a monthly premium in exchange for coverage that lasts only for a specific amount of time. Rather than getting guaranteed benefits for their entire and remaining lifetime, they choose the guaranteed payouts of a year-based policy.

15-Year Term Life Insurance and Its Benefits: eAskme
15-Year Term Life Insurance and Its Benefits: eAskme

You may wonder if this is the right option for you. As you seek out the ideal policy, consider the benefits of a 15-year term life insurance policy.

You'll quickly discover that a term-based insurance package provides several exciting reasons to choose it over the whole, permanent alternative.

Motivations for Choosing 15-Year Term Life Insurance

One of the primary reasons people look into term-based policies is that they are accessible.

To protect dependents and loved ones from unnecessary loss after the insured's death, a 15-year term like other lengths of time offers coverage, but it also makes sense for many other reasons.

Protection from Persistent Risks

While it can be uncomfortable to consider and think about, the threat of an accident or illness is always present.

With that thought comes the need to consider how we can be prepared for the possibility of passing away quite unexpectedly while still caring for children and supporting those we love.

Term-based policies come with guaranteed benefits, meaning that those benefits are promised to be paid to your beneficiaries within the insurance contract terms.

For this reason, term policies attract because they remain effective protection against risks that never cease to occupy our minds.

Essential Times, Essential Coverage

More than this, term policies do an excellent job of covering the insured's dependents and beneficiaries during the pressing periods.

For example, when children are being sent to college or homes are being purchased, life insurance can be essential when the possible burden of huge debts can become an unwanted inheritance.

Lower Premiums than Permanent Policies

With guaranteed benefits and a term that covers the most crucial years, term life insurance can also keep itself affordable, reasonable, and consistent because of that.

On the other hand, insurance companies give lower quotes and entice potential applicants by not paying for coverage definite to payout (such as with a permanent policy).

Potential Downsides Facing 15-Year Term Policies

With the scope of the term-based policy, it's clear that the excellent coverage for a lower premium only lasts for a set time.

It is, in other words, not a permanent solution to the problem of leaving a legacy to beneficiaries, children, and partners.

Instead, term policies serve an important purpose, and there are some elements of benefit that it leaves out to achieve more accessible premium rates.

Limited Time to Keep Peace-of-Mind

15-, 20-, or 30-year term life insurance policies may not provide the exhaustive coverage that will give you and your family a lasting sense of calm.

Instead, they are useful policies while other financial plans hatch and while there is a considerable threat of bad debts and loss of income.

Some of these threats may last—such as mortgages and other responsibilities that families are left with after a death.

In some ways, this is the opposite side of the coin for insurance policies based on definite years.

The limited term of the policy acts as an advantage by minimizing risk for the insurance company and delivering lower rates to the insured.

It makes it easier to maintain coverage financially, but its financial protection is temporary.

Exclusion of Investment-Like Options

Term life insurance doesn't offer the advanced and varied benefits possible with more extensive, permanent forms of insurance.

Because of this, policyholders of term insurance miss out on some advantages like cash value.

In addition, they cannot borrow against their policy when needed or use the resource of savings.

Lack of Availability for Advanced Ages

Because insurance policies based on a term intend to shrink the potential for early payouts, it's difficult and sometimes unlikely for an older individual to secure the insurance at a low price.

This is simply because the probability of passing away from all kinds of factors only increases with age.

The growing statistic doesn't give insurers the same confidence as younger applicants.

As a result, premiums increase for these generations, as Statista points out.

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Insurance is a delicate business, but many consumers are attracted to the low rates they can get from a 15-year term life insurance policy.

The format of insurance guarantees payouts without boosting prices like those that permanent insurance commands.

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