August 31, 2021

LinkedIn’s Launched Microsoft Powered Native Video Meetings

LinkedIn users can now hose video meetings without needing any third-party app or software.

LinkedIn native video meetings feature rolling out. With this feature, users can launch meetings using the LinkedIn app.

Since 2020, LinkedIn pulling users to initiate video meetings.

LinkedIn’s Launched Microsoft Powered Native Video Meetings: eAskme
LinkedIn’s Launched Microsoft Powered Native Video Meetings: eAskme


But for that, people were using Zoom as there was no live meeting feature on LinkedIn.

It has changed now.

LinkedIn is using Azure technology to create native video meetings solution.

Here is everything that you must know about LinkedIn native video meetings.

LinkedIn Video meetings serve three purposes:

  • It is a member's first feature.
  • LinkedIn is a great place to utilize video meetings.
  • Scalable

It is Free to start Video Meetings on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn users can launch virtual meetings using the LinkedIn app.

As the feature is native, you can start video meetings without leaving the LinkedIn app.

In a video meeting, LinkedIn will display profile information.

How to Start LinkedIn Video Meeting?

To launch a video meeting on LinkedIn, users need to open the chat window and click on “create video meeting.”

LinkedIn native video messaging is the default, but you can also choose different services.

The LinkedIn algorithm will also notify you to use meetings if your conversation is heading in that direction.

What More You Should Know about LinkedIn video Meeting’s feature:

Azure communication services is the functionality behind the LinkedIn video meetings feature.

Video meetings is a new feature for LinkedIn users.

In the coming days, LinkedIn will also launch:

Calendar Integration to schedule meetings.

Allow text messaging during a video conversation.

Virtual backgrounds and screen sharing features.

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