Google Has Added 12 New Manual Action Penalties: [Explained]

Google has introduced 12 new manual action penalties for violating Google news, and Google discovers policies.

It means that websites that are violating Google news or Google Discover policies will start receiving manual penalties.

Google Has Added 12 New Manual Action Penalties: eAskme
Google Has Added 12 New Manual Action Penalties: eAskme

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Earlier, manual penalties were limited to Google search only.

Google has enforced the policies on News and discover earlier. But now, they have made the process automatic.

A Google staff reviewer will issue a manual penalty. The penalty only hits the site if the reviewer finds that the site is not according to Google's guidelines.

The traditional manual penalty was hitting the sites ranking in search results. It is unclear what will happen to the sites receiving manual penalties for violating Google news or Google Discovery policies.

It is yet to be confirmed that if the penalty will cause demotion or removal of the page from Google news and Google discover or the penalty will extend to Google search results.

No matter what, it is essential to avoid such penalties.

Manual actions are the bitter penalties.

Here I am sharing the 12 new manual penalties related to Google News and Google Discover.

News and Discover policy violations manual actions:

Some Google penalties are related to Google news only, some are related to Google Discover only, and some affect sites on both Google News and Discover. Google Search Console help has published there.

Google News Penalties:

Sites that are violating google's transparency policy will receive manual penalties related to Google news.

The site that does not display the date and other by-lines such as company, network, author, publisher, contact information, and publication will receive Google News penalty.

Google Discover penalties:

Google has decided on two penalties related to Google Discover;

Adult-themed content:

Sites with content that contains sexually explicit material will get Google Discover penalty.

Misleading content:

Sites with fake News or misleading content will receive Google Discover penalty.

Google News and Google Discover Penalties:

Google has introduced nine penalties for sites violating Google News and Google Discover policies.

Dangerous Content penalty:

For content that can cause harm to animals and people.

Harassing content penalty:

For content that contains threatening, harassment, or bullying content.

Hateful content penalty:

For content that spread hate.

Manipulated media penalty:

For manipulated content. Such content can be misleading, fraudulent, and decisive.

Medical Content Penalty:

For medical content related to commercial diagnosis and treatment.

Sexually explicit content:

For content that contains sexual images or videos.

Terrorist content penalty:

For content that spread the word about terrorist acts, recruitment, violence, etc.

Violence and gore content penalty:

For content that glorifies violence.

Vulgar language and profanity penalty:

For content that contains profanity or obscenity.

How to Recover from a Manual Action penalty:

It takes some hardwork to recover from the manual action penalty. When Google penalizes a site, it sends the message to the site owner using the search console.

This message gives details about how the site owner can recover from a manual penalty. In most cases, site owners have to delete offending content and then submit a reconsideration request.

It can take upto two weeks to recover from the manual penalty.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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