March 25, 2024

How To Hire The Right DUI Attorney?

By Sona Mathews

DUI cases are on the rise. Most of these drivers were interdicted. Worse still, a good number of DUI cases saw drivers lose their driving licenses.

How To Hire The Right DUI Attorney: eAskme
How To Hire The Right DUI Attorney: eAskme

These cases are very stressful in nature. Thus, if you don’t want to lose your license or go to jail, hire a good lawyer.

However, there are several DUI lawyers out there.

This makes it challenging to select the right Cumberland County DUI lawyer.

Luckily, the following tips and tricks will take you to the right lawyer for your DUI case.

Never Represent Yourself:

Of course, you can go on your own. However, this can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a legal background.

Plus, DUI cases are complex, requiring expertise to succeed.

That’s not all, court procedures are not straightforward.

Simple mistakes can cost your DUI case.

That’s why representing yourself isn’t the best deal.

Still more, judges aren’t usually patient with people who try to represent themselves.

They don’t like defendants who don’t understand court rules.

Avoid Public Defenders:

It’s your right to be accorded a legal representation.

However, go slow with public defenders. Of course, they are cheaper.

However, they are unlikely to give you the best legal representation.

Money will motivate a private lawyer.

Still more, public defendants usually have large caseloads.

They don’t have enough time to attend to your case.

Plus, you cannot dictate how things should be done.

Thus, if you want complete control over your case, choose a good private lawyer.

Read Reviews:

Go online. Consider conducting your research.

Have a list of potential DUI lawyers.

Avoid lawyers with negative reviews.

Also, consider asking for testimonials from potential lawyers.

It’s also important to ask for recommendations from family members.

The bottom line is to partner with a lawyer who can give you premium legal representation.

Free Consultations:

DUI cases aren’t simple. They are complex in nature.

Still more, each case comes with its own challenges.

That’s why you should ask many questions.

Ask that lawyer about your explicit situation. The lawyer you choose should assess your case in detail.

Leverage on free consultations. This is the opportunity to explain the circumstances surrounding your case.

Don’t Hide Anything:

Don’t hide details from your lawyer.

Tell your lawyer the truth.

Delve into the finer details surrounding your case.

Don’t hold anything back.

Answer questions with a lot of clarity.

Your lawyer will use this information to fight off the DUI charges.

Additional Tips:

Also, use the following tips when searching for a DUI lawyer:
  • Ask questions
  • Choose a lawyer from a reputable law firm
  • Consider the confidence of that lawyer


Winning a DUI case starts with having the best lawyer.

An experienced lawyer knows how to fight these chargers and deliver the best results.

That’s why your case requires a good lawyer.

The above are compelling reasons why you need a good lawyer for your DUI case.

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