A Faster and Improved Way to Renew Your Passport

Passports have always been a major requirement to travel outside the country. However, in this
day and age, with cheap travel and accommodation, they are the most important identification

There are more people traveling around the world and back today, than at any other time in human history.

A Faster and Improved Way to Renew Your Passport: eAskme
A Faster and Improved Way to Renew Your Passport: eAskme

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However, like most documents, passports too have an expiration date and have to be regularly renewed.

Renewing a passport was quite a tedious process

Renewing a passport can be quite a tedious process and used to involve people going to the
passport office to get it done.

It had a ton of paperwork that needed to be sorted through, and supporting documents that had to be provided as well.

This usually involved surrendering your old and about to expire passport and receiving a new

Furthermore, applicants would be provided with a date for when they would be able to
come and collect their renewed passport or the last date by when it would be mailed to them.

The process for renewing a passport

We have come a long way from the paper and typewriter followed throughout the last century.
Going through the improved system the entire passport renewal process can be handled online,
without taking more than an hour, from the comfort of your home.

All you would need it an active internet connection and all your details.

This can also be done on holidays since the platform is always functional and not dependent on their holidays or work hours.

Other than being on the internet, the process for renewing a passport follows the same basic

The same forms have to be filled out, the same details provided, and same documents
scanned and submitted, however, uploading it to their website is a lot easier than having to
travel to their passport office.

Why is the new system a better alternative?

The online portal is a lot faster than the previous method and can handle the entire process in
less than an hour.

It can be done without having to make trips to their office (which can also be done if you prefer
interacting with the people at the desk).

It allows you to collect all the requirements for a renewal process at your convenience and begin
the process whenever you choose, making sure you have everything required.

If you are looking to get a passport renewal, you can do so through our platform.

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