September 13, 2021

Twitter Communities Feature Launched!

By Sona Mathews

Twitter Communities feature is here. Users are taking it as a competitor feature for Reddit and Facebook Groups.

Twitter has launched a lot of new features in past years.

Twitter Communities Feature Launched!: eAskme
Twitter Communities Feature Launched!: eAskme

Now, Twitter is rolling out a new community feature known as “Communities.”

Twitter Communities are groups where people can connect and discuss similar interests.

Currently, the users can join Twitter communities by invitation only.

Here is everything that you must know about Twitter Communities.

What are the Twitter Communities?

Communities on Twitter are a new way to build a community of people with similar interests and open it for discussions.

Any Twitter user can read Communities as they are visible and open for everyone.

Every Twitter user can report the community even if he is not the part of the community.

All the Twitter users can read what is happening in the community. But only members can participate in the discussions.

Twitter Communities is under testing:

Twitter communities are still under testing mode.

However, Twitter has said that it will allow more people to create communities on Twitter.

Increase Healthy Conversations:

Twitter communities are they to help you have healthy conversations.

Yet, we all know that people on the internet do anything they can.

Reddit is the best example of communities building.

Twitter Communities Moderation:

Community moderators can hide tweets against Twitter community rules.

But moderators cannot remove a member from the community.

There can be unlimited moderators for a Twitter Community.

Examples of Twitter Communities:

Here are the two examples of Twitter communities:

  • Astrology Community
  • Weather Community

How to Create a Community on Twitter?

A Twitter user with a quality profile can create a community.

Till now Community feature is an invitation-only feature. So, you must fill out the form here.


Twitter Communities feature sounds interesting.

But how you will use it and what access you have will decide the future of Twitter Communities.

We will see if Twitter Communities can compete with Facebook Groups and Reddit.

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