Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Outage: What Went Wrong?

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram server is down worldwide.

Facebook server outage has confused people and dilemma that Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp may be banned.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Server Down: eAskme
Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Server Down: eAskme

It is said that the server issue was caused by some technical update or data shift in Facebook servers.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram not working Server Down: When will Facebook Go Live Again?

Facebook owns Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. All these services are connected, which is why all of these services went down.

People are asking questions on Twitter if they are the only ones facing server down the issue.

Facebook has also addressed this issue and responded from their Twitter handle.

Not only Facebook but Instagram and WhatsApp handle on Twitter have also addressed this issue.

Instagram.com is flashing this error "5xx Server Error message."

Latest reports says that Facebook outage happened because of a major misconfiguration error. 

Border Gateway Protocol Routing:

Facebook's BGP is causing the issue. 

The Border Gateway Protocol is the service that finds the best possible path to connect with the website through various networks or systems online.

When a user tries to open Facebook.com, the DNS system translates the domain name to an IP address.

That Ip address is where Facebook servers are.

When the BGP routing system fails, it becomes impossible to connect with Facebook.com.

Facebook Border Gateway Protocol Routing Withdrawn:

The reason why Facebook is not loading is that BGP routing for Facebook is not there anymore.

Even Cloudflare tweeted about the massive number of Border Gateway Protocol withdrawals.

As a Cybercrime journalist, Brian Krebs has reported that DNS records for Instagram and Facebook got withdrawn from routing cables.

Another Cybercrime expert, Kevin Beaumont, has tweeted the situation as an epic configuration failure for Facebook.

We are keeping a close eye on the situation and will keep you updated.

So, stay tuned with us to know when Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp will start working again.
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