October 12, 2021

LinkedIn Pages Can Publish Articles as Long-Form of Content?

LinkedIn’s latest update has added a new feature to LinkedIn pages.

Now LinkedIn pages can publish long-form of content or full-length articles.

LinkedIn’s Articles for Pages feature to allow the page admins to write and publish long content. It is the first time since that LinkedIn pages have been getting such a feature.

LinkedIn Pages Can Publish Articles as Long-Form of Content?: eAskme
LinkedIn Pages Can Publish Articles as Long-Form of Content?: eAskme

There is no character limit to the articles.

LinkedIn Pulse has published that Company pages on LinkedIn can also produce video content, live content, and run campaigns using LinkedIn ads.

This LinkedIn update has launched 3 new features such as;

  • Articles for Pages
  • LinkedIn live events
  • Ways to measure and optimize branding with LinkedIn ads

Here is everything you must know about these new features.

Articles for Pages:

LinkedIn users are already publishing articles from their accounts.

For the first time, LinkedIn company pages can also create and publish long-form content without any restriction.

LinkedIn articles for Pages offer detailed audience insight. You can check user engagement.

You can publish content as quickly as you publish it on your profile.

How to Publish articles on LinkedIn pages?

  • Go to your LinkedIn page.
  • Open Super or Content admin view.
  • Click on “Write an article” displayed under “Start a post.”
  • Write and publish the content.

LinkedIn Live Events:

LinkedIn is improving “LinkedIn events” and “Schedule LinkedIn Live” features to improve user engagement.

In LinkedIn Live Events, the company has combined the features of event planning and live streaming.

The new feature allows companies to:

  • Target audience with Livestream promotion.
  • Send notifications to followers and registrants.
  • Get the view from LinkedIn users.
  • Share replies.

LinkedIn’s Live Events update will add more features to it, such as;

  • Less number of followers to start LinkedIn Live event.
  • Automated LinkedIn Live applicants review.
  • All admins can go live.
  • Expanded registration form
  • Lead management.

Brand Awareness Optimization and Awareness:

Three features will help the brand spread awareness and measure the result.

Brand Lift Testing:

With the Brand Lift Testing feature, companies can measure the result of LinkedIn ads.

Reach Optimization:

Companies can optimize the reach of LinkedIn ads.

It will help the brand to target the potential audience.

Forecasting and Reporting:

You can check predicted frequency and reach to run the brand awareness campaign.

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