October 29, 2021

What Is Industrial Selling? What are the Industrial Sale Characteristics and Skills?

Industrial Selling is necessary for supplying products and services that are responsible for manufacturing.

Businesses need technology, hardware and software to build products and offer services.

Industry selling is about selling industry related products and software to other businesses in the industry marketplace.

What Is Industrial Selling? What are the Industrial Sale Characteristics and Skills?: eAskme
What Is Industrial Selling? What are the Industrial Sale Characteristics and Skills?: eAskme

The first step to industry selling is understanding that the Industry marketplace is quite different from eCommerce sites.

Today, I am explaining everything related to industrial selling, such as;

  • What is industrial selling?
  • What are the Characteristics of Industrial Sales?
  • What are the Industrial Selling Skills?

What is industrial selling?

Industrial selling is all about selling essential machinery and products to manufacturing companies.

These sales help industry to produce products and machinery.

The cost of industrial products is high, and usually, orders are made in bulk.

For example; Selling moving trucks to moving companies Los Angeles or best sound level meter to builders.

A company buy only that industrial product which is essential for the business.

What are the Characteristics of Industrial Sales?

Restricted customer Base:

In Industrial selling, the customer base is quite lesser than B2B markets, and very few businesses are selling industrial products in the marketplace.

Due to fewer customers and high competition, it is necessary to understand the customers’ interest.

Buyers’ personas are highly impactful in industrial selling.

Purchase decision:

Stakes are higher in Industrial sales. Thus, the cost of the product depends upon the value of the product.

Businesses make complex purchase decisions for industrial products to bring a positive impact on manufacturing.

Companies must deal with many stakeholders before making the final decision.

Customer Retention:

Industrial selling contracts are long term, and this saves crucial time or redoing the buying process.

If the businesses find products valuable, they will keep using them and renew contracts with the current company.

To ensure long term business relationships, businesses are using customer retention strategies.

After Sales Follow Up:

After-sales follow up plays an important role in building trust and solving initial issues without hassle.

What are the Industrial Selling Skills?

To sell industrial products, you need Industrial selling skills.


Please consult with the businesses to understand their pain points.

It will help you ensure that you are offering the right product solution to the business.

Make sure that your intent should be in offering a solution than closing the deal.


Be specific to selling industrial products.

Narrow down your focus to understanding the market and customers.

Creating buyers’ personas will help you.

Patience and Persistence:

Due to complex purchasing decisions, it takes a lot of time to close the deal or make the sale.

Patience and persistence are helpful to stay calm and let the business take time in understanding the use and value of your products. Businesses must trust your products.


To make more sales in the long term, staying in touch with your customers is necessary.

Build a strong customer-buyer relationship.

Make calls, send emails, and meet in-person to create a positive relationship.


You need to master industrial selling skills to sell industrial products.

Industrial selling is about selling industrial products that will help businesses in creating products or running their business.

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