Looking at Inverters for Home? Know Which Capacity Suits Your Usage the Best

Inverters for homes are available in all types of shapes and sizes and come in various capacity and power options.

So, which inverter would make the perfect fit for your lifestyle?

Looking at Inverters for Home? Know Which Capacity Suits Your Usage the Best: eAskme
Looking at Inverters for Home? Know Which Capacity Suits Your Usage the Best: eAskme

In this article, we will be looking at a few inverters across a range of capacities to help you choose one that best meets your requirements.

But first, let's take a look at the 3 inverter technologies that you can select:

  1. Pure Sine Wave: Pure sine wave inverters are the best because they are built on the latest available technology and come with the most efficient performance, service life, and low cost of ownership. They work in complete silence when in operation and seamlessly kick in during a power outage.
  2. Modified Sine Wave: A modified sine wave inverter, also known as a quasi-sine wave inverter, has a waveform similar to that of a square wave. This inverter is a durable and cost-effective option for households that experience regular power outages.
  3. Square Wave: The simplest type of inverter can power common appliances such as LED TVs and CFL light bulbs around the house. If you're searching for a simple and inexpensive inverter, this could be a good option.

Since a pure sine wave inverter for the home is the best choice you can go for right now, we will only be looking at inverters for home that utilize this technology.

Regalia Series

Regalia Series home inverter: eAskme

The Regalia Series from Luminous is India's first inverter with integrated Li-ion batteries giving them a modern and slick look designed for modern homes.

The range is available between 1500 VA to 6400 VA making them powerful and efficient for running all of your heavy-duty appliances.

The inverter features a service life and charging capabilities 3 times compared to any other inverters in its class and offers a 15% higher efficiency than lead-acid batteries.

Moreover, since the battery is integrated within the inverter, that leaves no hanging wires – adding both to your home's aesthetics and safety.

Icon Series

Icon Series home inverters: eAskme

It's a revolutionary inverter series that's unrivaled in the market regarding its looks and power delivery.

The inverter features an integrated battery design and a dedicated battery enclosure adding to the overall ambiance of your home, and comes with a capacity of 900VA/756W.

The ergonomic design of the inverter makes it easy to add water, and it supports a faster low voltage battery charging that starts as low as 90V.

Since there are no open wires in the inverter, it's completely safe for homes with children and perfectly fits anyone who values style with substance.


Zelio Home Inverters: eAskme

The Zelio has been dubbed as India's most intelligent UPS, thanks to its built-in 32-DSP processor.

These affordable inverters come with a modern design and feature a sleek display that shows the power backup time and offers exceptional MCB protection.

The lineup also features a by-pass switch that helps maintain a constant supply of power from the grid even if there's a fault in the UPS.

Optimus Series:

Optimus Series home inverters: eAskme

The Optimus Series is a digital inverter series with real-time statistics showing charging time, backup time, fault indications, and other vital power information.

The USP of this lineup offers you the ability to set the charging current and control the output voltage to choose between higher backup vs. better performance.

It comes in an attractive design and features a mains by-pass switch ensuring a constant power supply.

Eco Volt & Eco Volt Neo

Eco Volt & Eco Volt Neo Home Inverters: eAskme

This is one of the best inverters for the home you can opt for if you want one that operates in complete silence, so much that you will barely notice when it's in operation.

This pure sine wave inverter offers exceptional service life, low cost of ownership, and helps you save a lot of money in electricity bills thanks to its unmatched efficiency, which is unseen in other inverters in its class.

Eco Watt & Eco Watt Neo:

Looking at Inverters for Home? Know Which Capacity Suits Your Usage the Best: eAskme

It's the #1 selling lineup of inverters from Luminous. 

The inverters come with advanced PCB programming, an in-built microprocessor, and an FSW transformer, making it one of the most efficient UPS you can buy right now.

Moreover, the inverters can take on heavy loads while consuming less power, resulting in reduced electricity bills without compromising on power delivery.


There you go, the best inverters for home available across a variety of power and budget range all lined up for you; now, all you need to do is take your pick and bring home the one that you best think serves your purpose.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take your pick now!

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