July 28, 2022

What Professions Are Not in demand in 2022

In the era of post-industrialization, the needs of society in various professions are constantly changing.

Now every year, more and more new professions appear that are in demand on the service market.

What Professions Are Not in demand in 2021: eAskme
What Professions Are Not in demand in 2022: eAskme

For example, at the moment, it is a programmer and designer.

If you are studying in one of these specialties, then you have the opportunity to make big money and afford to travel and work remotely.

However, some professions are no longer relevant, and their representatives should try to get another education to retrain.

This article will tell you about such specialties and tell you what to do if you or your friends have them.

What professions are a thing of the past

If we are talking about future specialties, then a programmer and blogger immediately come to mind.

As a rule, bloggers claim that they are now making a lot of money without much effort because they post many ads and are popular with young users.

Those who have their Instagram accounts say that in 2021 they don't even have to buy Instagram followers because, during the pandemic and lockdown, people view a huge amount of content on social networks.

But if we are talking about specialties that are no longer in demand, then probably, first of all, we think about telephone operators.

Over the past 20 years, the whole world has almost completely switched to using the Internet for communications of any level.

We usually use social networks and instant messengers for personal communication, and videoconferences are often used for business meetings. Even if we need to make a phone call, we can use this function in the messenger.

Nowadays, it is very rare to find a landline phone at someone's home.

Even office workers refuse to use them. Therefore, if people need to find out some information, they look for it on the Internet, and they do not need to call a special service to find out something by phone.

You can also call the travel agent profession outdated. Previously, those who wanted to go on a trip came to the agency to help them choose a suitable tour and find cheap flights and hotels. Now all this can be done on various websites for booking hotels, airlines and so on.

In addition, he can find all the information about the country that interests the traveler in blogs on Instagram or other social networks.
Consequently, many travel agencies have closed in the last couple of years and continue to close to this day.

It is quite easy for workers in this specialty to change their profession because they can go into the hotel business without leaving the tourism industry.

It is also worth noting the disappearance of professions associated with farming.

Recently, all this has shifted to machine work because technology makes it possible to no longer use manual labor.

Because of this, many people who work in the agricultural sector are now not in demand in the service market.

What if your profession is out of date?

When people find out that their profession is no longer needed and they are not in demand, they often fall into depression and do not know what to do.

Older people are more afraid of this prospect because they are not ready to change anything in their life.

On the other hand, young people tolerate such painful changes because they can easily acquire new qualifications.

If you see that specialists like you are losing their relevance, then study the list of professions that are now most needed in society.

Then, you can try online skills training courses for these majors or even go to university.

Nowadays, it is not always required to have a higher education diploma. The main thing is your skills and the ability to use them.

Moreover, if you take online courses, you will have a certificate confirming your knowledge and skills.

Alternatively, you can try blogging on social media. It can be a personal blog about your life with stylish photos and videos or your business.

Nowadays, it is not so difficult to become an individual entrepreneur and promote your business with the help of social networks.

To do this, you should discuss your content plan with a professional copywriter and designer to suggest how best to create an account for you to gain a large number of subscribers.

We also recommend that you try working as a freelancer.

During the pandemic, this work format became more relevant than ever because people were restricted from moving around the city, and many offices were closed due to a lockdown.

Representatives of many professions who do not need to be present in the office can work remotely.

If you master this specialty and can do your tasks at home, you will no longer need to get to the place of work every morning and return in the evening through traffic jams.

This is very convenient, especially if you live in a big city and have to spend several hours on the road every day.

In any case, the most important thing is not to despair and not think that now nobody needs you. You always have the opportunity to radically change your life and learn something new.

Thanks to the development of information technology, there are now hundreds and thousands of ways to retrain for another specialty and start doing something new.

This is useful not only when you have lost your job but also simply for individual development.

Being in the same area throughout your life makes your work boring and routine. Doing the same job every day can get boring and make your life miserable.

This is why you should try to step out of your comfort zone and try new activities.

Only by changing your life will you understand that you began to feel better. It is not for nothing that all psychologists recommend doing different things throughout life and not holding on to one thing.

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