November 13, 2021

YouTube has Removed Dislike Counts from All Videos: Why?

If YouTube videos are not showing dislike count, then don’t be surprised. YouTube has made YouTube dislike counts private to stop displaying public dislike counts.

Note: Dislike button is still there on YouTube videos. But you will not see dislike count.

YouTube has Removed Dislike Counts from All Videos: Why?: eAskme
YouTube has Removed Dislike Counts from All Videos: Why?: eAskme

YouTube has been testing videos without displaying dislike count. According to the company, they have witnessed fewer dislike attacks.

Collective dislikes are a great challenge for every Creator on YouTube. The company wants to save creators from this sort of harassment. It will also create a respectful and inclusive environment for creators as they will feel safer.

So, YouTube has decided to make it permanent and for all videos.

You will see the dislike button as a user, but you will not see the dislike count.

But, Creator can check the number of dislikes on YouTube videos in YouTube Studio.

YouTube has made the statement that there is no negative impact of dislike counts on users' interest to watch the YouTube video.

YouTube has released this video.

You can leave a comment to tell YouTube what do you feel about this update.


Many people do not like this update or decision, but it is somehow helpful for creators as viewers do not know how many people have disliked the video.

On the other hand, viewers can feel confused as they have to watch the video before finding if it is useful.

People who were considering dislike count as reviews may feel more troubled as they have no tool to measure the quality of content.

What do you think?

Do you think that YouTube should permanently hide dislikes?


Do you want the dislike count back on YouTube?

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