October 12, 2021

How YouTube Recommends Videos?

If you use YouTube, then You will see video recommendations. Do you know how YouTube recommends videos?

YouTube’s VP of Engineering, Cristos, has shower some light on how YouTube Video Recommendations work.

YouTube talks a lot about how it recommends videos and how its video recommendation system works.

How YouTube Recommends Videos?: eAskme
How YouTube Recommends Videos?: eAskme

Cristos has also explained YouTube Recommendations to clear any misconceptions that people might have.

You should know that YouTube’s recommendation system displays videos related to user interest calculated by user behavior on YouTube.

YouTube uses the personalization method to identify user interest.

Here is everything that Cristos has shared about YouTube Recommendation Factors.

Watchtime or Retention: What Matters the most?

It is the most asked question, and every YouTube creator wants to know the answer.

It is not possible to say which factor is more important because it changes according to the user and video.

Some videos have lower retention, yet people find them satisfying.

Recommendations are more about the personalized experience, which changes according to the user's behavior.

How Long it Takes to get Recommendations?

YouTube Creators want to know that how much time it takes to get video picked for recommendations.

It takes months before a video gets picked for recommendations.

YouTube collects data to understand what the videos are all about.

Older videos tend to display recommendations from established channels.

Why It is Hard for Small Channels to get Picked for Recommendations?

It is a common thought that YouTube not recommending small channels.

But people get recommendations when they start linking small channels, videos and comment on those videos.

New and small channels need that level of engagement to get displayed in recommendations.

This is the reason why YouTube creators keep asking people for like comments, subscriptions, and notification bells.

YouTube considers these factors in picking videos for recommendations.

Do Subscriptions Influence Recommendations?

YouTube creators believe they need to reach the ideal number of views for each video to get it picked by the YouTube recommendations engine.

But the number of YouTube channel subscribers cannot guarantee that videos will pick for recommendations if people are not watching those videos.

User engagement is important.


To grow on YouTube, you need the number of subscribers and need likes, comments, notifications, and social shares.

You must understand the target audience and create content that feeds the audience what they want.

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