December 13, 2021

What are Different Ways to Buy Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are an asset class, payment method, and currencies gaining popularity.

However, the marketplace has encountered multiple intense price fluctuations.

Some economists define investing in cryptocurrencies as sitting in a roller coaster ride as the market value of these coins sometimes flips overnight.

What are Different Ways to Buy Cryptocurrencies?: eAskme
What are Different Ways to Buy Cryptocurrencies?: eAskme

In the past few years, some investors and traders became millionaires by holding this asset class.

If you have also decided to invest some money in modernized digital assets, several ways can help you.

First, let's check out some different ways to buy cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Mining!

The peer-to-peer complex in cryptocurrency ensures straight interaction between users.

Cryptocurrency automatically keeps a history of every actual transaction on a ledger.

The ledger that comprises this transaction history is popular as blockchain in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Before uploading transaction history, the validators of a cryptocurrency network have to acknowledge the cryptographic puzzle solution.

However, getting cryptocurrencies through is only possible if the cryptocurrency network utilizes proof of work.

Mining Proof of stakes cryptocurrency is not the same as proof of work.

Anyone can start mining cryptocurrencies based on proof of work, but that is not the case with POS cryptocurrency.

Next year, POS technology will also come in the ethereum network.

Ethereum is the leading mined cryptocurrency, as you start ether mining with a minor investment.

However, after releasing proof of stakes on ethereum, miners will have to find another alternative for mining.

For example, mining raven coins is likely to increase after miners do not mine either.


PayPal is a viral e-banking platform. PayPal recently added the feature of cryptocurrencies buy and sell on their platform.

PayPal makes it very easy to buy cryptocurrencies.

We all know that the popular cryptocurrency exchange user interface is messy and chaotic as it is suitable for only traders.

But PayPal has a simple user interface in contrast to other exchanges.

PayPal has listed only a few trusted projects like bitcoin and ethereum.

The fees of PayPal is a bit more than other exchange.

For example, PayPal charges a commission or transaction of 1.50% when you buy cryptocurrencies worth $1000.

However, buying cryptocurrencies with PayPal is very secure compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges.

This platform has the most robust security protocols immune to theft elements.

Bitcoin as a Voucher Card!

If a platform rewards you with a bitcoin gift voucher, you can use this gift voucher to claim actual bitcoin.

After claiming this virtual coin, you can sell it on trustable exchange.

The majority of the bitcoin voucher is usable on only a specific cryptocurrency exchange.

To encash the cryptocurrency with the help of a bitcoin voucher, you have to provide necessary details like wallet address.

Cryptocurrency Exchange!

The convenient way to buy different cryptocurrencies is to purchase them on a cryptocurrency exchange.

The notion and dynamics of cryptocurrency exchange are similar to the stock exchange.

For example, up stocks and Wazir X have the same concept.

But in the stock market, you can buy and sell your stocks at a specific time, but with the help of cryptocurrency exchange, you can a token without worrying about the time.

The 24*7 availability of cryptocurrency exchange accounts for the volatility of these tokens in a considerable amount.

Popular cryptocurrency exchanges are Coinbase, Binance, Wazir X, Buy coin, Kraken, CoinDCX, and Coin Switch Kuber.

In addition, some swapping websites like pancake swap and bi swap can help you exchange popular cryptocurrencies with new altcoins.

Suppose a developer created a cryptocurrency; it will take time to list it on a popular exchange like binance and Coinbase.

However, it is exceedingly easy to list a cryptocurrency on these swapping platforms compared to popular exchanges.

So, developers list the cryptocurrencies on these swapping websites.

And further you can convert a cryptocurrency to any coin not listed on the popular exchange.

For example, pancake swap is usually famous for buying in-game tokens of the NFT games.

So investing in digital currencies by a cryptocurrency exchange is simple.

These are some ways to acquire cryptocurrencies.

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