Microstrategy Rebought the Bitcoin Dip!

Subsequently crossing all-time high value, the market price of bitcoin dipped again in the past few days.

Bitcoin, popular as BTC, is a virtual currency with a market value; bitcoin is more popular as an asset class than a currency. However, bitcoin is also maturing as a monetary system.

Microstrategy Rebought the Bitcoin Dip!: eAskme
Microstrategy Rebought the Bitcoin Dip!: eAskme

Therefore, merchants accepting cryptocurrency payments keep bitcoin as their first preference.

The only feature of cryptocurrency that slumps its capability to evolve as a monetary system is volatility.

However, bitcoin whales keep making profits from this feature of cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin whales or cryptocurrency whales entail a massive holding of any virtual coin, and their movement can annihilate the marketplace in no time.

Recently, the public bitcoin whale, Microstrategy, again bought the dip. As per reports, this is the third time Microstrategy bought a dip in just a single year.

After Microstrategy, the multinational company holding the most significant number of BTCs is Tesla Motors.

Companies like Galaxy trading and Square also join this list after Tesla. However, according to sources, these companies hold nothing compared to the holdings of actual bitcoin whales.

The two most famous bitcoin whales are Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin itself, and Tim Draper. Barry Silber is also a famous bitcoin whale.

Let's find out everything we should know about the recent addition of BTCs in Microstrategy cryptocurrency's wallet.

What is Microstrategy?

Microstrategy is a United States-based multinational company.

The co-founder of Microstrategy, Michael Saylor, is also the head of the bitcoin mining council.

Microstrategy came into the limelight when the company accumulated many bitcoins.

In 2020, Microstrategy became the most significant public holder of this virtual coin.

How Much Bitcoins is Microstrategy holding right now?

Microstrategy has consistently acquired the limelight by adding new BTCs into their wallet every dip.

The current holding of Microstrategy in the form of bitcoin is worth $6 billion.

The second-largest bitcoin holder publicly known is Tesla motors, and Microstrategy is six times ahead of Tesla as Tesla holds only $1.6 billion worth of BTCs.

Recent Buys of Microstrategy!

Microstrategy has bought the dip three times in just a single year, and in every dip, Microstrategy made a whooping addition of BTCs in their cryptocurrency wallet.

The first-ever buy of Microstrategy when it comes to buying was in August 2021.

You might be astounded that Microstrategy bought bitcoin worth $177 million in august 2021.

The market value of each bitcoin was $45,294 at that time.

In short, Microstrategy bought bitcoin worth 1336.5 in August 2021.

After buying bitcoin worth $177 million, the company again decided to buy another dip. The company bought its second dip of 2021 in September.

The company made a whooping addition of 5000 BTCs in a single go.

Yes, you read it right. The worth of 5050 BTCs was $242.9 million, and the market value of a single BTC at that time was $46000.

The recent dip Microstrategy bought was on the 8th of December.

The company kept buying BTCs between the 29th of November and the 8th of December.

The company bought nearly 1500 BTCs in just ten days; the market value of a single BTC was $57,477.

The fact might amaze you that Microstrategy alone holds more than 100k Bitcoins.

The exact number of bitcoin that Microstrategy holds is 122,478 coins, and this makes the bitcoin holding of Microstrategy worth $6 billion, which is the highest amongst all.

The public holder, specifically large organizations, holds more than 7% of the entire bitcoin supply, and Microstrategy is their leading company.

Michael Saylor was the only individual who suggested Elon Musk invest in bitcoin.

After getting to know, that one can buy BTCs worth billions of dollars in one go, Elon Musk made his first purchase of BTCs for tesla motors.

Elon musk's views regarding bitcoin changed the entire cryptocurrency marketplace.

The price of every cryptocurrency was skyrocketing after Elon musk's investment in bitcoin.

Michael Saylor added BTCs in their cryptocurrency wallet earlier this year. He also bought 9000 BTCs in October 2021, and the value of one bitcoin was $46,876.

One should know some facts about the recent addition of bitcoin by Microstrategy.

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