December 20, 2021

Are .Gov Links a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?

By Sona Mathews

Are you building .gov links? Or are you still buying .GOV links from marketing companies? Do you know if they are valuable or not?

Before building links, you should know if they are valuable in Google search ranking algorithms or not.

Links have been an essential part of search ranking factors since the beginning.

Are .Gov Links a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme
Are .Gov Links a Google Search Ranking Factor or Not?: eAskme

Sites that link to your site can offer great value according to the niche, topic, and trustworthiness.

You must earn links from only high authority and trusted websites.

Bloggers and web admins often fall for when it comes to building authoritative links.GOV backlinks.

But are they precious?

Let’s find out today.

Claim: .GOV Backlinks are Ranking Factor

The government website only publishes authentic and relevant information, including stats, reports, financial information, health announcements, etc.

It is believed that every piece of information is checked and authenticated before publishing it on .Gov websites.

Governments spend a lot of money publishing accurate and precious information for the common public.

Content published on Government sites is often shared by multiple people, organizations, and social media groups.

This is the reason why search engines and people find government websites trustworthy.

When you earn a valuable link from the government website, it shows that the government finds your information authentic and gives you more value than others.

Evidence: .GOV links are a ranking factor

Why do people still believe in buying or building .GOV links?

Here are some of the reasons told by marketing agencies:

  • You can get a higher ranking, more trust scores, and authority.
  • Due to high authority of .Gov sites you will also get high authority backlinks.
  • .Gov links pass precious link juice.
  • Links are do-follow.

Well, everyone wants some link juice from high-authority websites.

There are tons of sites that guide you to build .GOV backlinks.

Evidence Against: .Gov backlink as a ranking factor

In 2008, Matt Cutts told the world that a link is just a link no matter if it is coming from .GOV site or another site. Even if the link is coming from sites like DMOZ, .edu or .gov, they all are the same. The only reason why these sites have high authority is that more people link back to .GOV sites.

The high authority does not depend upon one link only.

The thing that matters the most is how relevant that link is.

There is no sense if the Department of Social Studies links to a Pharma website.

Search engines understand that the link comes from comment spam, link injection, or low-quality tactics.

Conclusion: .Gov Links as a Ranking Factor

My study shows that .GOV links are not a Google ranking factor.

.gov link is simply a link that cannot give you any value if there is no relevance.

Google algorithms can quickly identify link manipulation. So, you should not fall for that.

Always focus on creating link-worthy content that can help you positively earn links.

Remember: Your content is your asset.

If you want deep knowledge about Ranking Factors, then check our guide.

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