December 14, 2021

Meta has Launched Professional Mode for Facebook Profiles

Professional mode for Facebook profiles is here.

Now you may have questions like;

  • What is Facebook Professional Mode for Profiles?
  • How to activate Professional Mode on Facebook?
  • Is it coming from Facebook pages?

Today, I am answering these questions.

What is Facebook Professional Mode for Profiles?

Meta has launched a new professional mode for Facebook profiles.

Meta has Launched Professional Mode for Facebook Profiles: eAskme
Meta has Launched Professional Mode for Facebook Profiles: eAskme

Using the Facebook professional mode, you can enable monetization features on your Facebook profile.

It means that you can earn money the same way you earn money from your Facebook pages.

Facebook pages are also getting enriched with new updates and features.

Here is everything you must know about new Facebook updates for professionals and businesses.

New Professional Mode for Facebook:

The professional mode for Facebook profiles is only available in the USA, where people can enable revenue opportunities and get content performance insight.

Earn Money on Facebook:

Meta has launched the Reels Play Bonus Program for Facebook profiles.

Eligible creators can start earning according to the number of views of their qualified reels.

Right now, the Reels Play bonus program is an invite-only program. But you can still fill the Signup form to let the Meta know that you are interested.

Not only Reels Play Bonus Program, but there is more coming to Facebook, such as;

  • 60-seconds reels.
  • Save as draft.
  • Compose multiple clips in one reel.

In 2022, Facebook will expand Reels to other countries also.

Features Coming from Pages to Profiles:

Features Coming from Pages to Profiles: eAskme

With professional mode, your Facebook profile will look like your Facebook page.

After activating professional mode on your Facebook profile, you will let everyone see your public content and follow you without sending any friend requests.

But you can change the privacy of your content.

It is still in test mode and available only to a few people in the USA.

But soon, it will reach the maximum number of users.

New Features for Facebook Pages:

Meta has introduced a professional dashboard for Facebook pages.

Now page admin can review the insight, performance, and access tools.

Some page admins may also see follower count and post engagement snapshot.

You will also learn how to create engaging content on Facebook.

Facebook Followe Count: eAskme


Updated post composer for Facebook pages is in test mode. You will see new features in it.

Facebook Post Composer: eAskme

Initially, you will see post scheduling feature using the Facebook business suite.

Now Facebook page admins can schedule posts.


Facebook's new professional mode for Facebook profile will help professionals and creators to earn money monetizing Facebook Reels.

Not only that, but many more new features are coming to Facebook pages, profiles, and groups in the coming weeks and months.

So stay tuned with us to get the fastest updates.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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