March 11, 2024

Facebook Audio Video Calls for Small Businesses

Businesses on Facebook can now make audio and video calls using Facebook messenger.

Facebook has targeted small businesses by enabling video and audio call features in messenger in the recent update.

Now, small businesses can make audio, and video calls from messenger and use live audio rooms.

Facebook Launches New Ways for Small Businesses to Get Discovered and Connect with Customers This Holiday Season: eAskme
Facebook Launches New Ways for Small Businesses to Get Discovered and Connect with Customers This Holiday Season: eAskme

Facebook knows how important the Holiday shopping season is for small businesses. Most of the small businesses make 20% sales during this period.

To make business easy for small businesses, Facebook has launched these features at the right time.

New features will help small businesses to communicate easily with their customers without leaving Facebook and create ads effectively.

Here is what you must know about news Facebook features for small businesses.

Facebook Audio Video Calls for Small Businesses:

Audio Video Calling:

Audio and Video calling is the major update from Facebook for small businesses.

Businesses that are using Business inbox in Facebook messenger can make audio and videos calls. This will remove the gap between a phone call, video call, and text.

Small businesses can communicate with their customers without leaving Facebook messenger.
It is an important update for businesses on Facebook.

Live Audio Rooms:

Facebook Live Audio Rooms: eAskme

The selected group of small businesses can also access Facebook Live Audio Rooms.

Facebook Live Audio Rooms are not new. However, Facebook has launched this feature to compete against Clubhouse.

Using Live audio rooms, small businesses can host live audio conversations with customers.

Host of Live audio conversations can invite creators, listeners, followers, and friends to join the room or be a speaker.

Appointment and Bookings:

Facebook Appointment Bookings: eAskme

Facebook is rolling out an Appointment booking feature worldwide for small businesses.

Small businesses can now manage and set appointments from their Facebook page.

The best thing is that businesses can use the Appointment booking feature for free.

Personalized Ads:

Facebook Personalized Ads: eAskme

Facebook is trying to find new ways to help small businesses in creating personalized ads.

Facebook Business Suite Updates:

Facebook is also updating Business Suite to help small businesses.

This time Facebook Business suite will offer a better ad creation system.

In the new Facebook Business Suite, you can:

  • Create Instagram-only ads using the desktop.
  • Check new insights.
  • Get audience targeting recommendations.
  • Get campaign optimization recommendations.
  • Access best practices.

Ad Creation Update:

Facebook is trying to make it easy for small businesses to create ads on Facebook.

With a better and aligned ad-creating process, businesses can easily target their customers, spread awareness, generate leads, etc.

Now businesses can choose between 3 these 3 goals:

  • Create an ad
  • Automated ads
  • Boost Existing Content

WhatsApp Collections:

Facebook WhatsApp Collections: eAskme

Small businesses can now use WhatsApp Collections.

A business can create a catalog of products according to its business.

This will make it easier for the customer to find interesting products without scrolling down through the long list of unwanted products.


Facebook has launched these updates just before the holiday season. Each feature is quite important for small businesses.

Businesses can use these Facebook updates to communicate with customers easily and showcase their products.

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