Facebook has Added Public Group Discussions to News Feed, and Much More

In the series of Facebook updates, Facebook is now displaying public group discussion in users' feed. And the reason is to boost user engagement in the group.

In the coming months, Facebook users will start seeing Facebook group discussions in their news feed.

Facebook wants to boost the performance of Facebook groups and for his purpose they have launched Facebook community manager certification program.

Facebook Updates: Adds Public Group Discussions to News Feed, and Much More: eAskme
Facebook Updates: Adds Public Group Discussions to News Feed, and Much More: eAskme


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Whenever someone shares or post in the group, the user will see the related Facebook Group discussion in the news feed.

In the "Group" tab, content from the public groups will start displaying according to the user's interest.

Group tab also gives the option to Facebook users to join the recommended groups.

This also means that now, people can join the group discussion without joining the group.

Facebook also gives group admin choice to opt-out from displaying group discussion in the FB news feed. This means that the group can remain public without showing talks to those who are not the member of the group.

This is one of the many updates that Facebook had made this year. It is also a critical Facebook update after the design update from Facebook.

This Group update will increase the social engagement of the group discussions.

More Updates Related to Facebook group:

Facebook Groups are now ten years old.

Data shows that more than 1.8B people are using Facebook groups every month. And, many of them are actively engaging in Facebook groups.

Facebook is also going to help the group Admins by rolling out various Facebook group updates.

Facebook Group Admins can use these new features for managing groups effectively:

Admin Assists:

In my opinion, this is by far the most helpful update for group admins.

Admin needs to set the group rules, and Facebook will automatically moderate posts for the admin. This will surely save a lot of time and efforts.


Admin can organize content with the help of pin and hashtags.

Branded content in Public Groups:

Admin can use Brand Collabs Manager to earn money from their Public groups. All you need is to connect with the brands that want to promote the products or services in your group.

Community manager Certification:

Facebook Community manager Certification: eAskme


Now you can take the course to learn how to manage, grow and even build a Facebook group effectively.

Facebook is also introducing a lot of new features for group members.

New Ways to Engage With Your Community


These features will help to boost discussion in the group:


Members can chat in real-time with the group members.


Now you can use photo prompts to boost discussion.


Group Admins can host question-answer sessions in their groups.

Customize Group Profile:

User can customize their profile according to how they want to display in the group.

This launch video from Facebook is explaining everything:

What do you think about these features?

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