February 03, 2021

Facebook Pages Update: 6 Features Explained here!

By Sona Mathews

Facebook has rolled out a Facebook page redesign update with five other new features for Facebook pages.

The reason behind this Facebook page update is to improve the user experience.

If you have an optimized Facebook page then you should understand these features.

Facebook Pages Received 6 New Feature Updates: Explained here: eAskme
Facebook Pages Received 6 New Feature Updates: Explained here: eAskme

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This time Facebook is helping creators and public figures to build a strong community to achieve their goals.

Today, I am explaining everything about these new changes or updates for Facebook pages.

  • Page Layout redesigned
  • Dedicated news feed
  • Quick and Easy Navigation
  • Task-based admin controls
  • Actionable insights
  • Safety and integrity features

Facebook Page Layout redesigned

The most significant change in the Facebook page layout is emphasizing followers count over the number of page likes. This means that Facebook users will not see how many users are following the page they are visiting.

Visitors can only see the number of Facebook page followers.

Facebook page followers itself as an essential metric for page creators or admins. This displays the number of people that have signed up to the page to receive the latest updates.

Now Facebook page also displays the admin information. It means that the visitors can see who is running the page. This way, they reveal the identity of Facebook page managers.

Dedicated news feed:

For the first time in the History of Facebook pages, you will see the dedicated news feed of Facebook pages.

New dedicated news feed will help Facebook pages to discover conversations, join them, follow the latest trends, engage, and interact with fans or followers.

In dedicated Newsfeed, pages will also find a suggestion for public figures, trending content, and groups. The comment from public figures is now displaying in the top comment section.

This will help the page to reach a wider audience. Visitors can also follow the page from the comments section.

Facebook page account switching:

Facebook allows the admin to switch between their public profile and page using the available switcher option.

New Q&A Format:

Facebook is making question answers on the Facebook page more interactive by introducing a new Q&A format.

Improved Page Management Tools:

Facebook has announced new page management features that allow task-based controls.

With the help of this admin can grant permission based on the tasks such as;

  • Messages
  • Community Activity
  • Content
  • Ads
  • Insights

Actionable Insights:

Facebook is providing actionable insights to pages.

It is an excellent way to understand what your audience is most interested in.

Safety and Integrity Features:

Facebook is against impersonation, spammy content, sexual content, violent content, and hate speech.

Facebook blue verification badge will help the visitors find if the post is from authentic profiles or pages or not.


These six major Facebook page feature updates make the page engaging for users and give better control to the admin.

Facebook is not removing any feature from the Facebook page, so this is also a good thing.

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