December 14, 2021

The Ultimate Guide for Taking a Gold Loan

A gold loan is a kind of credit facility that permits people to get secured loans by vowing their valuable gold with a moneylender as security.

The swore guarantee can be adornments, trimmings, or even a gold bar.

The Ultimate Guide for Taking a Gold Loan: eAskme
The Ultimate Guide for Taking a Gold Loan: eAskme

Many inclines toward this sort of money, as the gold loan requires negligible administrative work and quicker handling.

Moreover, any individual who holds the yellow metal can profit from the loan paying little mind to their occupation, compensation, and FICO (Credit Score) assessment.

Let us comprehend the steps of applying for a gold loan online.

Step 1: Calculate the EMI and interest using the online gold loan calculator

You can apply for the best gold loan in India through the online gold money stage by loan specialists or online commercial centers through the web-based cycle.

Contrasted with conventional techniques, the online gold credit application strategy is advantageous, efficient and transparent.

One additionally can take a look at qualification for gold loans and compute EMI for gold credits through the Rupeek Gold Loan interest calculator.

To use this fantastic calculator.

Step 2: Register yourself on the lender's website

  • Visit the bank's site or download the moneylender's versatile application and fill in your data and loan-related standards.
  • When you finish up the structure, the loaning foundation's delegate would call to check the gold loan's qualification factors and the loan necessity.
  • The agent will advise you about the loan's different subtleties, the cycle, and vital documentation.
  • If qualified and intrigued, the agent will orchestrate an arrangement at the loan specialist's premises for a branch visit.
  • You can visit the branch with the archives and gold gems to be sold. The gold loan moneylender will choose to authorize or decline your loan as the papers are checked and the qualification prerequisites are ensured.
  • Assuming the loan application is endorsed, you will get a letter of approval containing the loan's primary terms, including the financing cost, handling charge, residency, and prepayment expenses.
  • At last, according to RBI rules, the bank will keep the gold safe, and the endorsed loan total will be dispensed to your ledger.

How can Rupeek help you get the best deal on a gold loan?

Rupeek has got the best gold loan services across the entire internet.

You can get a gold loan in almost no time after applying on their online portal via e-KYC.

The entire process takes hardly 4-5 hours. As soon as you apply for a gold loan, the customer support executives will contact you to explain your different repayment-payment options from which you can select your ideal one.

The executives then visit your home to check the authenticity of the gold ornaments, and as soon as the ornament is collected, the loan amount is transferred to your bank account.

The gold ornaments are then taken to the nearest Rupeek vault, securely stored.

Rupeek strives to give the best interest rates and the most flexible repayment options.

The interest rates start from 0.49% per month (0.58% per annum).

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